Importing Groups to ATLAS

Part A - Exporting groups from LEARN course

Note: groups must already exist in the LEARN course.

  1. Create the groups in your LEARN course using the normal steps.
  2. Copy the Course Offering code (e.g. 430402)
  3. Go to and login if your account information is not passed from LEARN automatically.
  4. Select courses
  5. Select Group Memberships
  6. In the Export section (top part of the page) enter the course offering code (e.g. 430402) and click the export button.

Part B - Creating Sets in ATLAS:

  1. Click the ATLAS LTI link in the LEARN course.
  2. Once in ATLAS, click the Sets button
  3. Click the Set wizard
  4. Check the “Import a list of users into new or existing sets using a CSV format”
    • Note: Import is really copy and paste, there is no location in PebblePad to upload a file to generate a set.

  5. Click continue
  6. Next you will have to modify the export file from Part A by removing all columns except group and username.
    • Group should be the first column and username is the second column.
  7. Paste these two columns into the ATLAS window that is visible after you clicked continue in step 5
  8. Click continue
  9. Confirm groups are accurate and match what you pasted in step 7.

Note: If you are restricting a TA to only see one group, the TA must be enrolled in the ATLAS workspace as a Tutor, Lead Tutors can see all groups.

LEARN roles that map to the Tutor role: TA level 2, TA level 3. If a TA level 4 is added to LEARN and demoted to a Tutor in ATLAS the LTI will overwrite this permission and the TA will be converted back to a Lead Tutor in ATLAS and will be able to see all groups, not just their own group.