The Announcements widget can be found on the homepage of each course in Waterloo LEARN.

image of Announcements widget

Instructors may post announcements throughout the term to communicate course updates, changes, or new information. It is a good idea to check your Announcements for each course on a regular basis. You can also subscribe to notifications related to Announcements.

Dismissing Read Announcements

Once you have read an announcement, you may choose to dismiss it from your Announcements feed. Click on the x in the upper-right corner of the announcement to dismiss it.

image of click x to dismiss an announcement

Restoring Dismissed Announcements

First click on the down arrow beside the Announcements widget title and select Go to Announcements Tool.

image of Announcements widget select Go to Announcements Tool

For each dismissed announcement that you would like to restore, click on the down arrow beside the title and click Restore.

image of the menu where restore for an announcement is visible