Before Taking a Quiz

Before taking a quiz, review the following tips and suggestions.

  • Supported Browser: Check the System and Software Requirements to ensure you are using a Waterloo LEARN supported browser.
  • Stable Internet Connection: Use a stable, preferably wired (as opposed to wireless), high speed Internet connection.
  • Starting Your Quiz: Once you start your quiz, you must complete it.
  • Watching the Time: If your quiz has a time-limit, keep an eye on the Time Left displayed in the top left corner of the quiz page. Quizzes submitted after this time will be recorded as a late submission and may not include any unsaved responses.
  • Saving Your Answers: Answers will be automatically saved once a response is selected. If you exceed the time-limit, any questions answered after the time-exceeded may not be recorded or count towards your final score.
  • Reviewing the Questions: It is a good idea to review your quiz, or at least the difficult questions in the quiz, before you submit it.
  • Technical Difficulties: If you encounter any issues while taking an online quiz contact  In your email, be sure to include your name, your userid, the course name and number (e.g. PSYCH 101), the name of the quiz, a description of the issue, and a screenshot if possible.

Accessing the Quizzes tool

From the Submit menu on the course navigation bar, click the link to Quizzes.

click Submit menu and then Quizzes to access the tool

Taking a Quiz

From the main Quiz List, click the link to the quiz you want to take.

On the Summary page, carefully read the Quiz Details and Instructions for the quiz. In particular, note the Time Allowed

Screenshot highlighting the quiz instructions.

Click the Start Quiz! button to begin the quiz. Once you click the button and the quiz finishes loading, your timer will begin.

Your response to each question will be automatically saved once you select a response. You can quickly review which questions have and have not been answered by reviewing the Questions area on the left-hand side.

Screenshot of student view of quiz responses.

If your quiz has more than one page, click the Next Page or Previous Page buttons to navigate between pages. Note: not all quizzes are set up to allow backtracking to previous pages. Ensure you have responded to all questions on your current page before moving to the next page in case you are not able to return to the first page.

To submit your quiz, click the Go to Submit Quiz button at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot highlighting the quiz submit button.

Note: On the Quiz Submission Confirmation page, you will be warned if you have any unanswered questions. Click the links below the warning to return to the unanswered questions.

When finished, click the Go to Submit Quiz button again to return to the Quiz Submission Confirmation page.

When you are ready, click the Submit Quiz button to confirm your submission.

Reviewing your Quiz Feedback

Each instructor decides the level of feedback, if any, that will be released for a quiz, as well as when the feedback will be released.  In some cases, you may not receive feedback and in others you may receive feedback in stages (e.g. some feedback will be released upon submission of your quiz and then additional feedback will be released after the quiz period has ended).

To review the feedback provided, click the down arrow next to the quiz title and select Submissions.

click down arrow and Submissions

Click the link to Attempt 1.

Note: If the quiz settings allow more than one attempt, you will see a list of all attempts completed to date. Click the link to the particular attempt you wish to review.

After viewing the attempt details, click the Close button at the bottom of the page to return to the Submissions page.