Visa and Immigration Support Services

The University of Waterloo is an internationally renowned research-intensive institution which admits, hires, and hosts international individuals. As both an academic institution and business with employer functions, the University must be compliant in its operations within the scope of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and its Regulations (IRPR). The Visa and Immigration Support group strives to balance the demands set down by the IRPA, IRPR and its regulators with best practices within the institution to achieve positive outcomes for the University’s international community of visitors, students, staff and faculty.

The Visa and Immigration Support group provides advice and consultation to the University and its community, developing and facilitating the implementation of procedures, guidelines and policies to promote accuracy, transparency and understanding around the rules governing immigration.

Leadership and support for visa and immigration issues on campus are:

Fran Hannigan, Senior Immigration Consultant, manages support for faculty, staff and visiting scholars. She is the subject matter expert on Canadian immigration as it relates to University business. Fran is the primary legal immigration representative to the University supporting the University under its obligations to the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Act and its Regulations. She provides advise and guidance to staff, faculty and visitors on matters of their work/study permits, permanent residency and citizenship in the best interest of the University as the employer.

Boon Khoo, Immigration Consulting Manager, and her team of immigration consultants at the Student Success Office in South Campus Hall (SCH) handle all current student inquiries pertaining to temporary resident status in Canada including study permits, student work permits and temporary resident visas.

If you have any questions or concerns about the University of Waterloo’s compliance with immigration matters, contact Frances Hannigan.