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University Librarian

University Librarian Mark Haslett retired May 1, 2016.

An Advisory Committee on the Appointment of a new University Librarian has been populated and the position has been advertised as an Executive opportunity. The deadline for applications is September 16, 2016.

As of May 1, 2016 the new Library Executive Committee will have overall executive responsibility for the Library on an interim basis.

The following content is no longer maintained.

Mark Haslett in conversation with students in the lounge area of the Dana Porter Library.

I am frequently asked to speak about the role of research libraries in the 21st century. How are students using libraries today? What support are libraries providing to faculty members in an increasingly complex research environment? How has the role of libraries evolved since the Internet entered the mainstream two decades ago?

...the purpose of a library make possible that instant of insight when all the fact come together in the shape of new knowledge. - Eric Ormsby

The recent Library Review offered us an opportunity to reflect on these questions, and the essential role the Library plays in supporting research and learning at Waterloo.

I invite you to read the Library Update 2014 (PDF) to find out how the Library's strategic directions — Advancing Research and ScholarshipEnabling Student Success, New Skills for New Times, and New Spaces for New Times — are inspiring initiatives in the Library that will advance the goals of the University's Strategic Plan.

The University is propelling forward to meet pressing global challenges, and the Library is ready to play a vital role. 

Mark Haslett
University Librarian