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Library ambassadors: written by Karen Ma

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Hello! My name is Karen Ma and I am in my last year of the Concurrent Degree (Honours Science and Honours Psychology) program here at the University of Waterloo. After graduation, I want to do something in the mental health community, along the lines of counseling; or hopefully become a police officer.

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Being a Library Ambassador is a lot of fun - and it is all thanks to you. Being in this position, I get to meet a lot of people I may not get to cross paths with: students from every faculty, from different levels of study (i.e. undergrad to post-doctorate), from different cities and countries! Also, as a Library Ambassador, we get to have the fun, the energy, and the enthusiasm from Orientation Week all term long! Personally, I wanted to become a Library Ambassador because I am passionate about student engagement and connecting people with the UWaterloo community. I have also been around campus for quite a long time, and thus have acquired a lot of tips, hacks, and knowledge that I enjoy sharing with my peers. Furthermore, I wanted to face my fears, learn about the library and develop comfort around it, so that it is not a daunting place anymore. I wanted to help others feel this way too.

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Next week the Library Ambassadors will be conducting feedback sessions to get your opinions about the library and the services and events we offer.  I hope I get to meet and chat with many of you, and address any questions, comments, or concerns you may have for the library. It is also a really easy way to get a discount coupon for the Waterloo Store! Around Halloween, Dennie (another Library Ambassador) and I, will be hosting a board games event/social. You can come out and play some board games from the library collection, enjoy some Halloween treats (of course), and destress from midterms, assignments, presentations, etc. Fun fact: you can borrow board games from the library for up to 3 days! Invite your friends over, host a party, make a night of it! We’re also going to feature an extremely cool handmade board game from the 1890s that the library’s Special Collections & Archives have graciously lent us.

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So far, being a Library Ambassador has been a rewarding, educating experience; and I am very grateful for all the wonderful people that I have gotten to talk to and learn from. I think the Library Ambassador program is very important because it serves as a connector between the student body and the librarians and library services. We get to help you communicate what kind of changes and resources you’d like to see from the library; and on the other side, help you become more familiar with what the library offers – like about the Rare Books and Special Collections you read about above ;)!

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That’s all for now, folks! I hope you have a great term, and don’t be shy to come say hi if you see me around campus! I’m always up for free hugs :)

Karen, out.