Library ambassadors: written by Matheson Tang

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Hey everyone, let me introduce myself! My name is Matheson and I’m in my 2A term of Honours Science here at the University of Waterloo. Once my undergraduate days come to an end I hope to pursue further education within Pharmacy or Medicine. For now, I’m just working towards that goal and enjoying the journey it’s brought to my life. This is my very first term as a Library Ambassador and one thing I can say with great certainty is that I’m loving it! The reason why I wanted to join the Library Ambassador family was because I have a passion for undergoing new experiences. There is always something to learn from the experiences we have in life as they introduce us to new perspectives and help us grow as people.

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Being a Library Ambassador is such a rewarding experience and has provided me with the opportunity to learn and improve personal skills. For example, I’ve always been shy and awkward when meeting someone new. I’ve been able to push myself outside of my comfort zone through many of the promotional/engagement events we hold throughout the term. Although this is important, my favourite part of about being a Library Ambassador is being a part of a family here on campus. The other Library Ambassadors and staff here are great people - they are also the main reason I love being a Library Ambassador.

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As a Library Ambassador, you will often see us around campus promoting the events, support, and the extensive services that the library offers. Our goal is to provide you information and answer any questions/concerns you may have involving the library and its services. We’re here to strive for your satisfaction and connect with you as the students, as we (the Library Ambassador team) are all students ourselves! I believe the Library is a great environment that is committed to providing services that help our success as students. It’s always great to get questions, suggestions, and feedback about these services as this helps us to improve and make changes to an aspects of the library that need it. This information allows changes to be implemented in benefit of the students and the UWaterloo community.

Overall, we as the Library Ambassadors are here for you as the students! Come by our booth whenever you see us on campus. Peace out, and I hope to see you around!