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Description: Provides market research reports for Canadian and US industries.

ICE Virtual Library

Coverage: 1836 to present
Description: Collection of civil engineering, construction and materials science publications that disseminate best practice, expert advice, and research.

IDRC Digital Library

Coverage: 1970 - present
Description: A repository of information and technical reports on international development.
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IEEE Xplore Digital Library

Coverage: 1988 - present
Description: Resources for computer science, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, and mechanical engineering.
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Immigrations, Migrations & Refugees: Global Perspectives, 1941-1996

Coverage: 1941-1996
Description: English translations of and English-language radio and television broadcasts, newspapers, books, and US government documents relating to immigration.

Index Islamicus

Coverage: 1906 - present
Description: An index to literature on Islam, the Middle East and Muslim areas of Asia and Africa, and Muslim minorities elsewhere. It includes citations to journals, conference proceedings, monographs, and book reviews.

Index to Jewish Periodicals

Coverage: 1988 - present
Description: Indexes articles from periodicals covering all areas of Jewish thought, history, and current affairs.

Index Translationum

Coverage: 1979 - present
Description: Contains bibliographical information on books translated and published by UNESCO's Member States since 1979. Covers literature, social, natural, and human sciences; art; history and more.

Indigenous Collection (Informit)

Coverage: 1920s-present
Description: Multidisciplinary topics relating to Indigenous peoples from around the world. Includes journals, books, reports, and conference proceedings.

Infotrac Newsstand

Coverage: 1950s - present
Description: Indexes and in some cases provides full text of articles from a large number of US news sources and some Canadian.

Ingenta Connect

Coverage: Fall 1988 to present
Description: A current awareness service that indexes academic and professional journals covering the humanities, social sciences, science and technology.

INIS repository

Coverage: 1970 to present
Description: Scientific Literature on the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology.
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INSPEC Archive

Coverage: 1898-1968
Description: The INSPEC Archive 1898 - 1968 covers published literature in physics, electrical engineering, and computing and control.

International Aristotle Bibliography

Coverage: 1900 - present
Description: Books, articles, book reviews and dissertations on the philosopher Aristotle.

International Bibliography of Art

Coverage: 2008 - present
Description: Articles, monographs, essay collections, conference proceedings and exhibition catalogues relating to the history of art.

International Financial Reporting Standards

Coverage: Current
Description: IFRS Collection from CPA

International Financial Statistics (from the IMF)

Coverage: varies
Description: Internationally comparable, country-level economic and financial time series data. Standard source of statistics on all aspects of international and domestic finance.

International Medieval Bibliography

Coverage: 1967 - present
Description: An interdisciplinary bibliography of the Middle Ages, covering Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa from 400-1500.

International Pharmaceutical Abstracts

Coverage: 1970 to present
Description: Indexes journals in pharmaceutical science and health related topics.
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International Philosophical Bibliography

Coverage: 1997 - present
Description: Indexes philosophical literature including books, journals, and book reviews.

International Philosophical Bibliography Retrospective

Coverage: 1970s - 1996
Description: Indexes philosophical literature including books, journals, and book reviews.

Investext Snapshot

Description: Provides company and investment reports.


Coverage: varies
Description: Contains books and journals published by the Institute of Physics.
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Iportal: Indigenous Studies Portal

Coverage: varies
Description: Articles, theses, photographs, archival resources, maps, etc. Focusing on Indigenouse peoples in Canada and the United States.

Ipsos News and Polls Centre

Coverage: 1995 - present
Description: Canadian and international public opinion polls on all matter of topics.


Coverage: 1945 - present
Description: Indexes articles, books, reviews, catalogues, and conference proceedings about the Middle Ages and Renaissance (400-1700).
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Iter Italicum

Coverage: to 1992
Description: A finding list of previously uncatalogued Renaissance humanistic manuscripts.
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