Digital maps: past and present

Story Map "Swipe" and "Spyglass" is an ArcGIS online application that enables users to interact with two web maps or two layers. A vertical bar or spyglass is used to alternate between two map interfaces, giving a visual comparison and also a useful tool for illustrating change over time.

By utilizing historical maps in the Geospatial Centre's collection, the "Spyglass" application vividly shows change over time.

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•             Dundas 1851 and Today:
•             Galt 1867 and Today:
•             Ottawa 1911 and Today:
•             Toronto 1857 and Today:
•             Toronto 1888 and Today:
•             Toronto 1912 and Today:

To illustrate Kitchener-Waterloo (1955 to present), the Geospatial Centre's 1955 air-photo collection is utilized for both the Story Map "Swipe" and Story Map "Spyglass" applications in ArcGIS online.


Story Map Swipe: 1955 to present                      (click on image)

 showing Kitchener in 1955 to present

Story Map Spyglass: 1955 to present                  (click on image)

 showing Kitchener from 1955 - present