Waterloo policies related to academic integrity

  • Policy 71 - Student Discipline addresses principles, offences, procedures and penalties related to student misconduct, academic and non-academic. Authority to deal with matters for graduate students rests with the graduate associate deans according to the guidelines for the assessment of penalties.
  • Policy 72 - Student Appeals addresses the procedures students must follow if there has been a decision made regarding Policy 71 and academic misconduct. Within 10 working days of receipt of decision, a student can appeal the finding, the penalty, or both.
  • Policy 73 - Intellectual Property Rights provides information for students, faculty, and staff related to intellectual property including ownership, authorship, collaborative research, copyrights and patents (including data management and teaching materials), default revenue sharing systems and dispute resolution.
  • Policy 33 - Ethical Behaviour addresses the general principles of ethical behaviour, the specific principles of human rights violations and provides a list of primary on-campus resources for further information or advice.

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Academic integrity guide for graduate students

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