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Academic misconduct

Academic misconduct is any action or behaviour (including any attempt to engage in such behaviour) that breaches one or more of the fundamental values associated with academic integrity.

The act of bringing "cheat notes" into an exam is dishonest, as it:

  • abuses the trust between professor and student,
  • aims at creating an unfair advantage,
  • is disrespectful toward the professor, fellow students, and the institution as a whole, and
  • represents a failure to take personal responsibility.

An act of academic misconduct can interfere with an individual's intellectual development as it obstructs the opportunity to meet the challenges of a university education.

Such an act committed by an individual affiliated with the University of Waterloo has the potential to undermine the reputation and credibility of our students and faculty and degrades the value of a degree from the University of Waterloo.

University Policy 71 - Student Discipline highlights the types of offences that constitute misconduct and outlines the penalties, from a letter of reprimand to expulsion.

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