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Student perspectives


To me, the marks aren't as important as the knowledge acquired in the course. Marks are only one aspect of courses at Waterloo, and what students need to realise is that even though marks may help you get good jobs, if you cheated your way through, then you would end-up flunking out on your future jobs.
- Elliot, Actuarial Science


Plagiarism is a serious academic offence at the University of Waterloo so it is extremely important to avoid it. In my first semester at Waterloo, I purchased a book called "The little brown compact handbook" for an English course. The book provides information on common grammatical errors, crafting an argument, writing a resume as well as citing sources. Whenever I have to document sources, as I've had to do on many occasions for academic reports, that's the book that I turn to for assistance. Academic excellence is achievable at Waterloo.
- Josann, Mathematics

Caribbean Student Association


John, Azu-Wei, and Ken

You're only cheating yourself for cheating on exams. You learn more by contributing than copying.

- Ken and John, Computer Engineering; Szu-Wei, Computer Science


I understand that there can be tough times in anyone's life, when preparing for an exam is an impossibility. But exactly because of the relationships we have with our professors, most of these instances can be solved without the student having to cheat. We've witnessed these in my program, and everyone came out satisfied.

- Gabriella, Health Studies



Gregory Cartmell

Academic integrity is a great part about Waterloo, both on campus and off. During a work term experience you will have to write a work term report. [When writing a work term report or working on a project] it is very important that what you write is accurate and correct.

- Gregory, Health Studies


Group work is a big part of engineering studies, as engineering emulates the workplace. It is important to find a group of people with your working style. Sometimes the workload is split on a project that is supposed to be done together. This results in each person doing only one aspect of the project. It’s better to write a group report, to learn more and be involved in all aspects of the projects.

- paraphrased excerpts from a July 31, 2008 interview

Jesse Andrew Kyle from Mechanical Engineering


Lyle Darren Kevin

Your degree is worth more if it’s from a school where rules against cheating are enforced. But there are grey areas where it’s not clear what is acceptable and what is not. Teachers need to take responsibility to provide clarification. Sometimes students help each other because they do not think that the teacher is available. Also, students are more likely to commit academic offenses when they are under pressure to get ahead, to meet deadlines, to get the grades they need. A lot depends on good contact with the teacher.

- paraphrased excerpts from a July 31, 2008 interview


Next in the Academic Integrity Tutorial is the scenarios section (exams, assignments, collaboration). The scenarios demonstrate the application of the principles of academic integrity in situations students may face in their academic work.

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