Chatelaine magazine was first published in March 1928, and has undergone several shifts in tone over the years. Although initially featuring much first-wave feminist content, in the depression it lost much of its political edge and began printing more articles about, for example, budgeting. Similarly, during the second world war, it encouraged women to join the war effort, and after the war, it shifted once more to usher them back into the kitchen with a focus on family life.

In 1957, feminist Doris Anderson took over the position of editor, where she remained until 1972. Under her stewardship, the magazine became repoliticized, and began publishing more controversial content, including articles about sex and women's rights.

The pages below come from the June 1971 issue of Chatelaine. Although I'll confess I've never understood the allure of Pierre Trudeau, I was sucked in by the promise of hot pants that anyone can wear. "Can"? Perhaps, if you were to build them several orders of magnitude larger. "Should", of course, is a whole different kettle of fish.

Fortunately for those with weaker stomachs, the article on delicatessen food was a photo spread across a page divide, and therefore not suitable for scanning; picture (or not, if you prefer) processed meats, lots of mayonnaise, and a loaf-shaped end product.

Front cover

Featured articles: All the Queen's houses--palaces and hideaways, What your old age will be like, Why teachers quit, Hot pants anyone can wear, 41 things you don't know about Canadian marriage laws, Shortcuts with delicatessen food, and Margaret Trudeau--the girl who caught the PM.

Page 30

Everything you wanted to know about marriage, but forgot to ask (your lawyer). Can he make you live with his mother? Can you marry your husband's uncle? How much of his money can you legally spend?

Page 33

Hot pants. I go to the grocery store often enough to know I'm supposed to want to skinny-up my thighs, but was unaware that my knees could be a target too. All these years of shame to get caught up on!

Page 32

More hot pants. Polka dots and stripes, together at last.

Page 45

Contessa Slims advertisement. See what a healthy glow smoking will give you! Is it truth-in-advertising legislation making them say "today NOW" as opposed to the more ambitious time travel claims they started off with?

Please note that Special Collections & Archives only has two print copies of Chatelaine. They were both published in 1971. Contact Chatelaine directly or visit your local library for information about obtaining a specific issue or article.

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