Title Summary
Barker's Powder puzzle pictures The file consists of nine puzzle picture advertisements for Barker's Powder. The advertisements were snipped from a newspaper and feature a short story with a puzzle picture. The versos show astrology charts as well as letters of recommendation for Barker's Powder.
Boehmer family fonds
Two volumes, one a letter book of R. Boehmer & Co., 1900-1908, and the other the minute book of the Kitchener, Waterloo and Bridgeport Coal Dealers Association, 1919-1936.
Dare Foods Limited fonds
Dare Foods Limited is a family-owned business based in Kitchener, Ontario. It manufactures cookies, crackers, candies and fine breads at its seven plants in Ontario, Quebec and South Carolina. Dare candies are made in Toronto and Milton, Ontario. Fonds consists of records generated in the course of business by Dare Foods Limited and its subsidiary companies, including biscuit, cracker and candy formulas. Also included are the records of The Almer Company Limited and Sunbeam Shoes, companies acquired privately by Carl Dare.
Dixon, Ross fonds
Material accumulated and kept by Ross Dixon relating to his entrepreneurial interests, career, and personal life, and to the philanthropic activities of Ross and Doris Dixon. A significant portion of the fonds relates to the businesses he formed outside of his professional career, the Westmount Construction Company and Westmont Enterprises Limited, for the period from the late 1940s to the early 1970s.
Dominion Rubber Company Dominion Rubber was created in 1910 through the merger of other rubber companies. They built the Dominion Tire plant in Berlin in 1912, and the Rubber Machinery Shops next door in 1917 for the express purpose of creating machines for use in the factory. The fonds contains materials relating to the history, products, employees, equipment, and manufacturing processes of the Rubber Machinery Shops, and photographs from Dominion Rubber Systems. Includes over 1600 photographs.
Electrohome fonds
Electrohome Limited was an international manufacturer of home electronics, appliances, furniture, and high-tech commercial projection and display systems, and an investor in television broadcasting, based in Kitchener, Ontario. Fonds consists of records relating to the administration, operation, products, and history of Electrohome Limited and its subsidiary companies, as well as its predecessors, Pollock-Welker Limited, the Grimes Radio Corporation Limited, and the Phonola Company of Canada Limited.
Forbes, Robert fonds
Robert Forbes came to Canada from Scotland and by 1851 was listed as being the proprietor of a tannery, shoestore and saw-mill. All of his businesses were located in Hespeler and Puslinch Township. The fonds consists of three daybooks or diaries of Robert Forbes covering the years 1856-1891, and three ledgers kept by Forbes and various others covering the years 1823-1873.
Greb Industries Limited fonds
Greb Industries Limited was a shoe and boot manufacturing company based in Kitchener, Ontario. Fonds consists of records relating to the history, administration, and operations of Greb Industries Limited and its predecessors, the Greb Shoe Company Limited and the Berlin Shoe Manufacuring Company Limited, as well as its subsidiary companies.
Hallman, Lyle S. fonds
Material relating to the career and activities of Lyle S. Hallman, the history of Hallman Construction, and the history of the Hallman family. Includes correspondence, clippings, ephemera, photographs, and pamphlets.
Hespeler Furniture Co. fonds

The Hespeler Furniture Company was started in 1901 in Hespeler, Ontario (now a part of Cambridge) by Mr. George A. Gruetzner, who was originally from Buffalo, N.Y. Contents: Hespeler Furniture Co. day book and journal, 1901-1904; cash book 1903-1906; 5 ledgers from 1907 to 1943, accounts payable 1936 to 1964, and eight financial statements between 1916-1940.

NOTE: This fonds does not contain any records relating to products.

Jardine family fonds
18 items, dating from 1797 to 1927, relating to members of the Jardine family. The two pieces of correspondence and fourteen documents help to outline some of the family's history both in Scotland and in Hespeler, including marriage certificates, character references, and articles of partnership.
Kaufman Footwear fonds
Kaufman Footwear was founded as Kaufman Rubber Co. in Berlin, Ontario (now Kitchener) in 1907 by Jacob Ratz Kaufman. Fonds consists of material relating to the history, operation and products of the Kaufman Rubber Company, later Kaufman Footwear. Includes catalogues of products, documentation of formulae, compounds, in-house "written standard practice" manuals illustrating industrial processes, correspondence, clippings, ephemera, memoranda, photographs, publications, reports, and sound recordings.
Kriesel, William fonds
William Kriesel owned the first hardware store in New Dundee, Ontario. Fonds consists of eleven day books and two ledgers listing daily sales and corresponding customer accounts for William Kriesel's stoves and tinware store (hardware store) from 1889-1905.
K-W Oktoberfest, Inc. fonds
K-W Oktoberfest was started in 1969 by a small group of interested citizens and the four German clubs, under the auspices of the Visitors' and Convention Bureau of the combined Kitchener-Waterloo Chambers of Commerce, with the object of promoting tourism in the area. The records of K-W Oktoberfest document all aspects of the growth and day-to-day operation of the festival from its beginnings. They consist of incoming and outgoing correspondence, committee minutes and reports, publications, ephemera, audio-visual materials, and other material created or received by the Corporation in the course of its business.
Rankin, Colin fonds
Colin Rankin was a fur trader for the Hudson’s Bay Company during the mid-nineteenth century. He lived and worked predominately in Northern Ontario. After retiring he became mayor of Mattawa and later a Justice of the Peace in the North West Territories. The Colin Rankin fonds contains both materials form Rankin’s time as a fur trader including correspondence, diaries, and land deeds, as well as three diaries kept by fur trader Donald McKay between 1799-1806 when he was living in Temiskaming. The materials make mention of First Nations life in Northern Ontario in the early nineteenth century.