Title Summary
Acorn, Milton, 1923-1986. Canadian poet.
The art of Raymond Souster. Corrected carbon typescript of a review article dealing with A. Purdy, Irving Layton and poetics in general.
Bower, B. M. Western Novels collection
The B.M. Bower Western Novels Collection, acquired in 2015, consists of over 70 American western novels by author B.M. Bower and her husband Bertrand Sinclair.
Burnett, Virgil fonds
Virgil Burnett was an author and illustrator whose work was widely published in Europe and North America. A professor in the Fine Arts Department at the University of Waterloo since the early 1970's, Burnett created an artistic oeuvre of extraordinary scope and breadth.
Calthrop, Dion William Palgrave Clayton, 1878-1937.
D. Calthrop was born May 2, 1878 in London, England, the son of actors. He was introduced to the stage while still a young boy. He wrote a number of books and was also known for his paintings. He died in England March 1937. Fonds contains one letter to "My Dear Jean" re his book, Jan. 21, 1936; includes the leaflet "In Memoriam 1881-1937".
Campbell, William Wilfred fonds
William W. Campbell was born at Berlin (Kitchener), Ontario, June 1, 1861. He was ordained to the Church of England ministry in 1885. In 1891 he retired from the Church and moved to Ottawa, where he began to write short poems in a village paper, after which he became a contributor to the Atlantic Monthly, the Century and Harper's. He had a number of volumes of his poems published, and was a member of the Royal Society of Canada. The fonds consists of typescript and printed poems, a printed letter by J.S. McCuaig dated May 17, 1886 requesting the Crown's recognition of John A. Macdonald, with attached resolutions, and an undated pamphlet, The Dominion Campaign! Sir John Macdonald on the Questions at Issue Before the People: The Premier's Great Speech Before the Workingmen of Toronto.
Catley, Elaine M. fonds
Elaine Maud Catley contributed poems and articles to Canadian and British periodicals as well as to supplementary school textbooks and verse anthologies, and had six books of verse published. The Calgary Daily Herald published many of her pieces between 1921 and 1942. A member of the Canadian Authors Association for 25 years, she served in all offices up to President, and for three years was also a member of the Canadian Women's Press Club.
Chapman, John Jay correspondence The fonds consists of five items of correspondence from John Jay Chapman to others. Includes four letters to Edwin F. Edgett of "The Lookout" and one to the Boston Evening Manuscript.
Clare and other authors, extracts from, by G. Silverlock : manuscript One ms. copy of the 1839 edition of John Clare's "Shepherd's calendar with village stories and other poems" transcribed by G. Silverlock. The text also includes other works by Clare. The work is written in fine calligraphy and includes a hand drawn frontispiece, title page, and publishers advertisements. Accompanying the ms. is one item of correspondence from E. Blunden to Mrs. Wrangham discussing the text.
Coburn, Eleanor Hallowell Abbott letter
Eleanor Hallowell Abbott Coburn (1872-1958) was an American author and frequent contributor to Ladies Home Journal, who eventually published seventy five short stories and fourteen novels. The fonds consists of one item of correspondence from Charles Gaston Smith Jr. of the Harvard Club of Boston to Eleanor Hallowell Abbott, in which Smith asks Coburn if she knows of any girls in real life that are of the same quality as those in her books.Coburn was born in Cambridge, Mass., Sept. 22, 1872. She was educated at private schools and at Radcliffe College, and won the Collier prize in Oct. 1905 for one of her stories. 1 letter to Mrs. Coburn re the girls in her stories from Charles Gaston Smith Jr. Harvard Club of Boston, July 25, 1924.
Coleridge, Hartley
Holograph poem, in an unknown hand, titled, "Lines (unpublished) written to a friend after a discussion on points of faith". Found in his Poems: songs and sonnets (Leeds, 1833).

Collingwood Collegiate Institute weekly examination in composition

The fonds consists of the weekly examination in composition from the Collingwood Collegiate Institute for the week of April 13, 1885.
Creighton, Luella fonds
Luella Bruce Creighton (1901-1996) was an Ontario author whose many published works include fiction, non-fiction, and juvenile biography. Most of the textual material in the fonds relates to her career as a writer of both fiction and non-fiction, and consists of correspondence with her publishers and readers, reviews, manuscripts, typescripts of both published and unpublished works.
Crusz, Rienzi fonds
Rienzi Crusz (1925- ) is a Waterloo poet whose work has appeared in numerous collections. Crusz is an active voice among Canadian immigrant poets, and his work depicts the contrasts between South Asian and Canadian life. In 1994, he won the literature award in the Kitchener-Waterloo Arts Awards.
Davis, Bertram R.
The Bertram R. Davis collection consists of the papers and personal library of amateur historian Bertram R. Davis. Davis lived in Bristol, England in the early 20th century and was interested in the works of the Romantics, and particularly in Robert Southey. Davis corresponded with some of the leading Romantic scholars of the 19th and 20th centuries and his collection includes some 6,000 items of correspondence. His personal library, the Bertam R. Davis “Robert Southey” Collection, includes over 800 monographs including almost all of Southey’s published works, almost all of which are in first edition, and other works which elucidate Bertram Davis' interests, friendships, and scholarly connections.
Downey, James fonds.
James Downey was born in Winterton, Newfoundland in 1939. He held a number of academic and administrative posts with various educational institutions and organizations, including President at the University of Waterloo 1993-1999. Fonds consists of material relating to activities and interests of James Downey from 1963 to 2004. The fonds contains biographical information, manuscripts and typescripts of his published works and speeches, "commonplace books," files relating to his various academic positions, files relating to consulting and advisory work on behalf of provincial governments. Includes appointment calendars, clippings, personal and professional correspondence, ephemera, manuscripts and typescripts, reports and research materials. Also includes papers received from Florence Reid.
Foley, Patrick Kevin, 1856-1937.
Owner of Hamilton Place, a famous bookshop in Boston, Mass., P.K. Foley was an authority on American first editions. His work, American Authors, 1795-1895: A Bibliography, published in Boston in 1897, was a pioneer and authoritative reference work. The fonds consists of a single holograph letter from Patrick Foley to G. S. Payson discussing a point of issue of Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Doctor Grimshawe's Secret", dated April 23, 1898 (Boston, Mass.).
Gordon, Armistead Churchill letter
Armistead Churchill Gordon (1855-1931), lawyer and writer, was a member of the Board of Visitors at the College of William & Mary and the University of Virginia, and was the first chairman of the Virginia State Library Board. He published multiple books on the history and peoples of Virginia, as well as collections of poetry. Contents contain one holograph letter from Armistead Churchill Gordon to C.C. Pinckney discussing John Drinkwater's book "Robert E. Lee."
International Press Bureau fonds
The International Press Bureau was a literary agency in Chicago, Ill. that sold and syndicated pieces for newspaper and magazine features, mostly in the United States. Fonds consists of approximately 100,000 letters dating between 1904 and 1953 to and from authors, publishers, agents, film studios, journals, newspapers, etc.
Kipling, Carrie collection
The fonds consists of photocopies of materials created and accumulated by C.E. Carrington, the biographer of Rudyard Kipling. Includes ts. excerpts from Carrie Kipling's diary, as well as articles on the Kiplings and a list of corrections for Carrington's work "Rudyard Kipling: His Life and Work."
Ledbetter, Ken fonds
Dr. Ken Ledbetter ([1932?]-1993) was a professor of English at the University of Waterloo and a writer of short stories and novels. Fonds consists of a ts. script by Gary and Ken Ledbetter, based on stories by Ken Ledbetter.
Lister, Rota collection
The collection consists of one ts. draft of "The Anthology of Canadian Women Writers" edited by Rota Herzberg Lister. Includes notes written by Rota on the various authors and excerpts from the authors' writings. The women included in the anthology wrote between 1760-1980 and include Margaret Atwood, L.M. Montgomery, Pauline Johnson, Susanna Moodie, Mary Quayle Innis, Luella Crieghton, etc. It does not appear that the work was ever published.
McCormack, Eric P. fonds
Eric McCormack is widely-known as an author of fiction, reviewer, and academic. He has won and/or been nominated for many prestigious literary awards and his books have been translated into many foreign languages. Fonds consists of materials documenting Eric McCormack's career as a writer. It contains manuscripts, typescripts, clippings, ephemera, and correspondence.
Morton, William
Manuscript poem entitled, On Parting from My Sister and Her Children. Also, an unidentified manuscript piece and two unidentified drawings.
Munro, Alice/W. R. Martin Reference Materials
The collection consists primarily of photocopied material used and annotated by Dr. Walter Martin for his book Alice Munro: Paradox and Parallel, published in 1987 by the University of Alberta Press. Additional material includes audio recordings of Alice Munro reading her own works and of an interview done with her by Peter Gzowski for “This Country in the Morning.” There has been one accrual, consisting of articles, critiques, short stories and one sound recording.
O Broin, Padraig, 1908-
One holograph poem, titled "Acceptance" and one typed poem. Received in a copy of his book, Than Any Star, previously owned by Michael and Meg Foran.
Ober, Warren U. Thomas Chatterton collection
Dr. Warren Ober is Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Waterloo. Dr. Ober came to Waterloo in 1965 when he accepted the position of Chair of English, and he retired in 1994. The collection consists of two prints and one copy of art works about poet Thomas Chatterton: one lithograph of his death, one of his writing the Rowleian mss., and one reproduction of an eighteenth century handkerchief showing Chatterton.
Ober, Warren U. Tintern Abbey print Dr. Warren Ober is Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Waterloo. Dr. Ober came to Waterloo in 1965 when he accepted the position of Chair of English, and he retired in 1994. The fonds consists of one print of Tintern Abbey, Monmouthshire, as seen from across the River Wye. Two men in a boat can be seen fishing in the foreground. The print was published in 1784 by S. [Samuel] Hooper.
Opie, Amelia Alderson letter
Amelia Opie nee Alderson (1769-1853) was an English Romantic author. She was a radical thinker and involved in a circle that included John Horne Tooke and Mary Wollstonecraft. In 1801 Amelia published her first work under her name, "Father and Daughter," and subsequently wrote 25 more novels, biographies, and volumes of verse. Contains one holograph letter from Amelia Alderson Opie to an unidentified correspondent dated May 5, 1838 refusing an invitation.
Partridge, Eric fonds
Eric Honeywood Partridge (1894 –1979) was a lexicographer of the English language. He taught at the University of Manchester and the University of London and spent fifty years researching at the British Library for his over forty books on the history of slang and the English language. Fonds consists of two notebooks containing ms. draft versions of Partridge's work Shakespeare's Bawdy, published in 1947.
Patterson, Nancy-Lou fonds
Nancy-Lou Patterson is widely-known as a writer, artist, scholar, teacher, novelist and poet whose educational and artistic career spans five decades. The fonds consists of material documenting Nancy-Lou Patterson's career as an "creative author" of both fiction and non-fiction, as well as poetry from 1950 to 1995.
Reaman, G. Elmore fonds
George Elmore Reaman (1889-1969) was an author, educator, lecturer and columnist. His position as superintendent of the Bowmanville Training School for Boys and later of the Glen Lawrence School is represented by clippings, photographs and ephemera. His interest in a wide variety of topics, including psychology, education, agriculture and history is represented by correspondence, research files and manuscripts. Typescripts of two unpublished novels are also present.
Sanborn, Robert Alden fonds
Robert Alden Sanborn, a 20th century American writer of both poetry and prose, was educated at Cambridge, Mass. and began his writing career as a journalist. He was the son of Mary Farley Sanborn, herself a novelist, who was born in Manchester, N.H. in 1853. In her literary career she wrote book reviews, short stories, novels and poems. The fonds consists primarily of Robert Alden Sanborn's correspondence and typescripts and manuscripts of unpublished work. The fonds also contains typescripts of published and unpublished work by Mary Farley Sanborn.
Smith, Mauritana fonds
Mauritana Smith was born August 9, 1856, and was the daughter of Damaris Isabella Smith and sister of Elizabeth Smith Shortt. She taught school in the Hamilton area and married Harvey A. Coon in 1887. The fonds consists of two scrapbooks compiled by Mauritana Smith containing material written by leading 19th century American writers and articles written by her mother, Damaris Isabella Smith.
Smucker, Barbara
Barbara Classen Smucker (1915-2003) was a children's author and librarian. She and her books received numerous awards including the Canadian Council Children's Literature Prize and an honorary doctorate from the University of Waterloo. The fonds includes primarily materials relating to her various published works including research, reviews, and mss. and tss.
Southey, Robert, 1774-1843.
One holograph poem, in the form of a letter from Southey to his brother signed by Southey. The poem is title “What are little girls made of?” and is tipped into his The Lay of the Laureate.
Thompson, Waldo, 1813-1892.
Waldo Thompson was the author of 'Swampscott, historical sketches of the town'. The fonds consists of two letters to Waldo Thompson, one from C.B. Tillinghast, Boston, Aug. 18, 1884, one from Howard B. Nicholson, Bodlean Library, Nov. 19, 1889.
Urquhart, Jane fonds
Jane Urquhart is a novelist and poet, born in 1949 in Little Long Lac, Ontario. She has been awarded many awards, including the Governor General's Award for Fiction for her novel The Underpainter. Includes a diary, mss. and tss. of Urquhart's works, research materials, correspondence, biographical materials, and materials relating to other professional commitments.