Title Summary
Beulah Misener was a missionary to Kenya. She married the Rev. Ross Alloway in 1949. In 1954 the couple left for Africa to serve as missionaries for the Africa Inland Mission. On Feb. 8, 1960, Beulah Alloway died of cerebral malaria. The fonds consists primarily of letters from Beulah Alloway to her parents describing her journey to Africa and her daily life in Kenya. Also included are newsletters sent out by the Alloways, correspondence relating to Beulah's death, and 4 photographs.
Bolender Ball family fonds Doris Bolender née Moyer and Gordon Bolender, both of Kitchener, went to Nigeria in 1946, where they worked for The United Missionary Society until 1960. Mervin Ball served in the Second World War and later worked for Krug Furniture. He was married to Jean Adelaide Ball. The fonds includes photographs, correspondence, and ephemera, including materials relating to the Second World War and missionary work in 1950s Nigeria.