Title Summary
Account book Unidentified English account book containing entries from 1800 - 1809, including wages paid, property taxes, debts. etc.
Bickerstaffe, Charles and Norman Atwood indenture The fonds consists of one indenture dated May 17, 1669 between Charles Bickerstaffe and his brother William, and Norman Atwood and his brother John.
Clough, Maria Louise. Scrapbook Scrapbook compiled by Maria Louise Clough of Boston, Mass. during a trip from Boston to England, Scotland, France and Italy in 1886 and 1887. The scrapbook contains cards, correspondence, clippings, ephemera, and realia ( including plant material), and gives an interesting insight into the activities and tastes of a young woman of that day.

Fischer, Henry Schwaben Heimatbuch collection

This collection includes over 115 Heitmatbücher (German for "home books") that document the stories and histories of the villages that were inhabited by the Danube Swabians (German: Donauschwaben) in Central Europe: Romania, Hungary, and the former Yugoslavia.
Handkerchief of King George V The file consists of one mounted handkerchief showing a portrait of King George V in military dress.
Jardine family fonds 18 items, dating from 1797 to 1927, relating to members of the Jardine family. The two pieces of correspondence and fourteen documents help to outline some of the family's history both in Scotland and in Hespeler, including marriage certificates, character references, and articles of partnership.
Keeting, Percy S. photograph album Percy S. Keeting was born ca. 1895 in England and immigrated to the United States in 1933. The fonds consists of one photograph album owned by Percy S. Keeting with 120 photographs of daily life in Britain.
Keffer, Ivan W. fonds Ivan W. Keffer (1890-1965) was an executive of the F.W. Woolworth Co. Fonds consists of material created and accumulated mainly by Ivan W. Keffer that documents the lives and activities of the Keffers, especially during the time they lived in Germany (1927-1939). Includes diaries, correspondence, photographs, souvenir postcards and other ephemera, personal documents, reports, clippings, and other material.
King, Gladys Lilian Gladys Lilian King (1884-1970) was born in Exeter, Devon. She became a member of the Women Police Service during the First World War and served at the "Beaver Hut", a refuge for Commonwealth soldiers. The fonds consists of one ts. (carbon) of "Among the Beavers: Canadians and Others" by Gladys Lillian King, a personal narrative of the work done by the "Military" Women Police in and around the Beaver Hut. Also includes two photographs of King with others.
London, England: Local Government Scrapbook Scrapbook of manuscript notes, clippings, leaflets, handbills and other ephemera concerning the London, England Local Government 1890-1892.
Ober, Warren U. Tintern Abbey print Dr. Warren Ober is Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Waterloo. Dr. Ober came to Waterloo in 1965 when he accepted the position of Chair of English, and he retired in 1994. The fonds consists of one print of Tintern Abbey, Monmouthshire, as seen from across the River Wye. Two men in a boat can be seen fishing in the foreground. The print was published in 1784 by S. [Samuel] Hooper.
Petworth Project fonds. The Petworth project was a genealogical research project begun in 1989. Its object was the Petworth Emigration Scheme, one of a number of assisted emigration schemes in southern England in the 1830's. Fonds consists of material relating to the research for two volumes relating to the Petworth Emigration Scheme. Included are correspondence among the primary researchers and to and from individuals relating to families and individual emigrants, data sheets and electronic databases relating to Petworth emigrants and sponsors, photocopies of original correspondence and documents, research notes, drafts and working papers relating to the editing of the final manuscripts.
Rowntree, Kenneth Germany collection Materials were collected by Kenneth Rowntree while he was in the Canadian Army Dental Corps from 1947-1949 in France and Germany. The collection includes materials primarily created in Oldenburg including a scrapbook relating to the Hitlerjugend, propaganda photographs, a playbill, and a brochure for the Beaver Club.
Sackville-West, Victoria Mary letter The Hon Victoria Mary Sackville-West, Lady Nicolson (1892-1962) was an English author and poet, winner of the Hawthornden Prize. She wrote a number of novels, poetry, and a gardening column for The Observer. The fonds consists of one holograph letter dated March 9, 1944 from Sackville-West to Mrs. Leslie Hotson discussing the effects of war on South-West England.
Shaw, K. Mary E. fonds K. Mary E. Shaw was a student and/or teacher at the Battersea Polytechnic Institute (now the University of Surrey) in 1904. Two notebooks kept by Shaw contain educational materials from the special courses for women in Domestic Economy including courses in housewifery and laundry work. The notebooks cover all aspects of Edwardian household management including scullery, house and parlour work, hygiene, sick nursing, keeping accounts and laundry work.
Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (1769-1852) was a soldier and politician, and one of the leading figures in politics in England in the 19th Century. His positions included Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary, Leader of the House of Lords and Prime Minister of Britain. Contains one letter from Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington addressed to Francis Fane, the 12th Earl of Westmorland.