Besides the collections below, Special Collections & Archives holds publications on Spiritualism and Theosophy including The Canadian Theosophist, The Lamp (a Theosophy journal), and The Two Worlds (a Spiritualism magazine). A number of monographs are also available under the subject headings “Spiritualism”, “Reincarnation”, “Occultism”, “Mysticism” and “Theosophy.”

Title Summary
Lacey, Thomas Lecture Collection
Thomas Lacey, a voice and trance medium, was born in Glossop, Derbyshire, England and immigrated to Canada. Lacey began conducting séances in Hamilton and the Kitchener-Waterloo region in 1931 and continued throughout the 1960's. The collection consists of typescripts of séances held under the supervision of medium Thomas Lacey in Waterloo and Kitchener from 1934-1951 as well as recordings of séances from 1958-1966.
Lily Dale scrapbooks The fonds consists of two scrapbooks maintained by William Phillips, containing clippings related to spiritualism as well as handwritten notes from the spirit world, the latter coming primarily through medium P.L.O.A. Keeler at Lily Dale.
Maines Pincock Family
Includes an archival and a book collection, documenting the lives, interests and activities of Jenny Pincock, as well as her sister and brother-in-law Minnie and Fred Maines. The main focus of the fonds is the activities surrounding their interest in spiritualism. Includes correspondence; ms. and ts. seance transcripts and notes; ms. and ts. notes for and drafts of poems and other literary compositions by Jenny Pincock; clippings, ephemera, etc. The Fred and Minnie Maines Library complements the archival portion of the donation.