Special Collections Archives holds a variety of archival collections relating to urban planning, as well as extensive book holdings.

Title Summary
Breithaupt Hewetson Clark Collection Family papers from three families, the Breithaupt family, the Hewetson family, and the Clark family; records from the Guild of All Arts in Scarborough, Ontario, founded by Rosa Breithaupt Hewetson Clark and Spencer Clark; and several smaller collections acquired by the Breithaupt family and by Spencer Clark. There are also records pertaining to the Breithaupt Leather Company.

The personal library of Spencer Clark, which includes many books, periodicals, government documents, and ephemeral items, was donated together with the archival collections, and is particularly strong in the fields of urban planning, architecture, and Canadian art.
Johnston, Herbert fonds Herbert Johnston was City Engineer of Kitchener 1910-1917. From 1917 on he worked in private practice as a consulting engineer and Ontario Land Surveyor. He was Engineer for Waterloo County, as well as for the towns of Hespeler, Preston, Elmira and New Hamburg, and for the Townships of Waterloo and Wilmot. He was appointed as a member of the Kitchener Road Commission and Kitchener Planning Board. The fonds consists of a large quantity of maps, drawings etc., largely unlisted at this time. Rough card file available.
Maps and Fire Insurance Plans Special Collections & Archives holds a number of local maps and fire insurance plans.
Town Guides Special Collections & Archives holds a variety of town guides from cities across the UK.