Title Summary
Curiosa of conception The fonds consists of five advertisements for Lanteen diaphragms and spermicidal jelly. The advertisements each feature a "curiosa of conception" which includes a fact about conception or childbirth and an accompanying woodcut illustration. Illustrations are by Antonio Frasconi.
History of Contraception Museum posters The fonds consists of two posters from the History of Contraception Museum. One poster shows a variety of styles of IUDs and the other shows the history of birth control methods. Also includes a brochure from the museum that identifies some of the contraceptive devices.
Kaufman, A.R. fonds
Alvin Ratz Kaufman, 1885-1979, was an industrialist and philanthropist based in Kitchener, Ont. He supported many community organizations and endeavours to which he was philosophically committed, such as birth control. The fonds consists of material relating to the personal life and interests of A.R. Kaufman, as well as information about his parents and family, preserved by him.
Includes photographs, materials relating to the William H. Kaufman Charitable Foundation, personal records, Kaufman Rubber and Kaufman Footwear records and ephemera, and three scrapbooks relating to birth control in Canada.
Palmer, Dorothea collection
Dorothea Palmer was employed as a nurse by the Parents' Information Bureau of Kitchener, Ont. to visit homes of those known to be poor or relatively poor, and to offer to needy mothers the opportunity of applying for certain contraceptive materials. Miss Palmer was arrested on the charge of distributing birth control information and contraceptive devices. Dorothea Palmer was acquitted March 17, 1937 after a trial that extended over a period of six months. The collection consists of correspondence, pamphlets, manuscripts, typescripts of court examinations, arguments used in court, research materials, documents, and clippings relating to the case Rex v. Palmer.
Parents' Information Bureau fonds
The Parents' Information Bureau was a clinic for family planning and birth control set up by A.R. Kaufman of the Kaufman Rubber Company in the 1930's in Kitchener, Ont. Fonds consists of publications and ephemera issued by the Parents' Information Bureau, correspondence, biographical and autobiographical material about A.R. Kaufman in the form of clippings, reminiscences, interviews, speeches, etc.
Stopes, Marie
The Marie Stopes archive complements a collection of about 400 catalogued books and ephemera on the history of birth control in Britain. Marie Stopes founded Mothers' Clinic for Constructive Birth Control in 1921. It was the first birth control clinic in the world. Included are first and scarce editions of Marie Stopes' writings on various topics, including contraception, and an extensive selection of supporting materials about contraception and family planning by other authors.