Besides the archival collections noted below, Special Collections & Archives also holds cookbooks and books on the domestic arts. These can be found by searching in the Library catalogue under subjects such as “cookbooks” “home economics” and “house cleaning.”

Title Summary
Hall family fonds
The Hall family fonds contains two recipe books created by Mrs. Nettie Jestin Hall. One recipe book was originally an algebra notebook kept by Nettie’s daughter Minnie.
Household account book
One volume of household accounts, 1911-1919, kept by an unidentified female, probably from the Port Elgin, Ont. area.
One 53 p. vellum bound ms. cookbook of unknown origin. Cookbook features approximately 50 recipes in at least fifteen different hands. Most recipes are for desserts, although a few are for savoury dishes and household products.
Contains one ms. recipe book, in an unknown hand. One recipe is date May 17, 1867. Contains recipes for mains, desserts, and home remedies for ailments.
Myle family fonds
The Myle family fonds consists of two ms. notebooks from 1854 and 1880 with contain recipes from Melora and Kate Myle respectively. Both books contain recipes for food, and the earlier also contains recipes for health remedies and home care products. Many of the recipes are handwritten, but some have been clipped from other publications and glued into the cookbooks.
Reaman, Flora J. fonds
Consists of sewing patterns, ms. recipe books and other material belonging to Flora J. Reaman during her school days and married life.
Recipe binder The fonds consists of a recipe binder of recipes collected from newspapers, accumulated by an unknown person. Recipes were collected from the Toronto Star, the Guelph Daily Mercury, The Guelph Shopper, and others. Many of the recipes from the Toronto Star are from Jean Brodie. Also includes a candy recipe card from the Guelph city gas department. The binder that the recipes were stored in is a directory of Guelph businesses, ca. 1960s.
Shaw, K. Mary E. fonds
K. Mary E. Shaw was a student and/or teacher at the Battersea Polytechnic Institute (now the University of Surrey) in 1904. Two notebooks kept by Shaw contain educational materials from the special courses for women in Domestic Economy including courses in housewifery and laundry work. The notebooks cover all aspects of Edwardian household management including scullery, house and parlour work, hygiene, sick nursing, keeping accounts and laundry work.