Title Summary
Bax, Emily fonds
Emily Bax was born in 1882 in London, England. She was the second woman to be employed as secretary at the American Embassy in London, and worked there from 1902 to Dec. 1914. In 1939 her book Miss Bax of the Embassy was published. The fonds consists of two typescript letters to Mrs. Milner Wood. Topics discussed include Emily Bax's book, the World's Fair, the King's speech, and her daily life and plans.
Black, Martha Louise fonds
Mrs. Black was elected to the House of Commons in 1935. She was awarded the Order of the British Empire in 1946 for her cultural and social contributions to the Yukon. The fonds consists of correspondence, published articles, clippings and photographs, and includes her 1938 book My Seventy Years published in parts. The correspondence is largely addressed to Elizabeth Smith Shortt.
Conroy, Marion fonds
Marion Conroy was the Alberta Chairman of the Women's Regional Advisory Committee to the Wartime Prices and Trade Board, Consumer Branch, and was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire in recognition of her wartime work. The fonds consists of Marion Conroy's copies of material given to delegates at the National Conference of Regional Chairmen, Consumer Branch, Wartime Prices and Trade Board held in 1944, as well as a scrapbook kept by Marion Conroy of clippings and ephemera dating from 1941-1944.
Davis, Jo fonds
The major focus of this fonds is Jo Davis' work as co-founder, vice-president, etc., of the Canadian women's group known as the "Voice of Women". Davis was actively involved from 1960 to 1963. The fonds also contains groups of papers documenting Davis' interests prior to her work with the Voice of Women (World Refugee Year), projects concomitant with VOW activities (Canadian Peace Research Institute and lnternational Cooperation Year) and projects subsequent to VOW activities (Harold King Farm and French Week).
Murphy, Emily Ferguson fonds
Emily Ferguson Murphy was the first woman Magistrate in the British Empire. She inaugurated and brought to a successful issue the the movement that resulted in women's being declared "persons" under the British North America Act. She was the first President of the Federated Women's Institute of Canada, prime mover in the establishment of the Victorian Order of Nurses in Edmonton in 1910 and was the first woman member of the hospital board in the City of Edmonton. In 1911 she organized the Women's Canadian Club in Edmonton and was elected as their first President. Under the pseudonym "Janey Canuck" she was known as a writer all over Canada, the United States and abroad. In 1913 she was elected National President of the Canadian Women's Press Club. In 1915 she was decorated by His Majesty the King as Lady of Grace of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.