Spanish, Latin-American and South American Dancing

Purchased in 1988 with the financial assistance of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the collection consists of 149 books about the history of Spanish, Latin, and South American dance.

Collection features rare scholarly texts printed in South America, such as a manual of native Argentinian dances, Manual de danzas nativas (Buenos Aires: Escolar, 1954); a work described as "one of the finest books on this subject to come out of Mexico", Danzas de los Concheros en San Miguel de Allende (Mexico: El Colegio de Mexico, 1941); and several general works, including Mexican Dances (Mexico City: Riveroll Art Gallery, 1947) and Bailes Tradicionales Argentino: historia, origen, musica, poesia, coreografia (Buenos Aires: Korn, 1953).

The Spanish antecedents of Latin and South American dance are also well-represented in the collection, and include Le Mer's Spanish Dancing (New York: Barnes, 1948), Las Fiestas populares Barcelonesas (Barcelona: Dalmau, 1944), and Matos' Danzas populares de Espana (Madrid: FET y de las Jons, 1957).


  • Related materials on music, festivals, and folklore are included in the collection.