The University of Waterloo Archives (UWA) preserves recorded information of enduring administrative, legal, financial or historical value. It maintains the institutional memory of the University of Waterloo (University), ensures public accountability and transparency, and supports academic, administrative or legal research.

In adherence to the University's Information and Privacy Procedures and Guidelines, the UWA collects institutional records identified as having long-term archival value and where the total retention period for the records has expired. This includes, but is not limited to, correspondence, reports, minutes, administrative files, photographs, audio-visual recordings and other material created, received or used by the University in pursuance of its functions regardless of format.

Transferring Records to the UWA

Institutional records that fall within the scope of Records Retention Schedules as outlined by the University Records Management program should be managed and/or disposed of in accordance with those schedules.

Units on campus with institutional records identified as having long-term historical value and where the total retention period for the records has expired, are encouraged to contact the University Records Manager so that the records can be assessed and, where appropriate, transferred to the UWA.

Private Records

Faculty members' research and teaching materials that fall under the purview of Policy 73: Intellectual Property Rights are not considered institutional records and are not appropriate for deposit in the UWA. Records of this nature may, however, be considered for acquisition by Special Collections & Archives. For more information, contact the Head, Special Collections & Archives.

History of the UWA

The UWA was established by President Dr. Burton (Burt) Matthews in 1977. Acting Vice-President Dr. Paul Cornell was subsequently appointed Honorary Archivist and the UWA temporarily operated out of the Secretariat's office in Needles Hall. In 1985, the administration of the UWA was transferred to the University of Waterloo Library (Library) and is today managed as part of the Special Collections & Archives department at the Library.

Select publications, speeches and promotional items pertaining to the history of the University and held in the UWA have been digitized and made available online via the Waterloo Digital Library.