Westmount Golf and Country Club (Kitchener, Ont.) fonds

The Westmount Golf and Country Club was established on June 17, 1929 when the first meeting of the Board of Directors took place. By the fall of 1929 land on the outskirts of Kitchener, Ont. had been purchased and Stanley Thompson had been retained to design and supervise construction of the course. The club officially opened in 1931.

Since that time a number of major golf tournaments have been held at the Club including the Canadian Open Golf Championship in 1957, the Canadian Ladies Open and Closed Championship in 1965, Canadian Amateur Golf Championship in 1969, Labatt's International Golf Classic for the C.P.G.A. in 1981, and the L.P.G.A. du Maurier Classic in 1990. Westmount has produced golf Champions at the provincial, national and international level, including Gary Cowan, Mary Gay, Dan Maue, Colin Moskal, and Judy Ellis. In 1963 a curling facility was added and the club began to operate year-round. Tennis was added in 1977.