Chris Hadfield

Friends of the Library Lecture '03

Space Flight: An Astronaut's Perspective

Chris Hadfield

From the 2003 Friends of the Library Lecture brochure:

"A colonel in the Canadian Armed Forces and a top air force pilot, Chris Hadfield served as Mission Specialist #1 on STS-74, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) second space shuttle mission to rendezvous and dock with the Russian Space Station Mir in November 1995.

In April 2001, Chris served as mission specialist #1 on STS-100, International Space Station assembly Flight 6A. The crew of the Space Shuttle Endeavour delivered and installed Canadarm2, the new Canadian-built robotic arm.

Born in Sarnia, Hadfield received a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering (with honours) in 1982 at the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario. That same year, he conducted post-graduate research at the University of Waterloo. He received a master of science degree in aviation systems from University of Tennessee in 1992. He was selected as one of four Canadian astronauts from a field of 5,330 in June 1992. Two months later, he was assigned by the Canadian Space Agency to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

His work at NASA has included technical and safety issues for Shuttle Operations Development and launch support at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida. As well, Hadfield was NASA’s Chief CAPCOM, the voice of mission control to astronauts in orbit, for 25 space shuttle missions.

In the last two years, Hadfield was in Star City, Russia, as NASA’s Director of Operations at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre. In serving as NASA’s lead representative, his work included coordination and direction of all Space Station Crew activities in Russia and oversight of training and crew support staff.

Since then, Hadfield has trained and qualified as a cosmonaut to fly in the Soyuz as a flight engineer, as well as to do spacewalks wearing the Russian Orlan suit

April 2, 2003"

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The Friends are proud to salute the following University of Waterloo writers, artists, and musicians who have had works published in 2002.

Author Title of Work
Bird, Michael O Noble Heart / O Edel Herz: Fraktur and Spirituality in Pennsylvania German Folk Art
Bonner, Kieran M. “Space, Place and the Culture of Cities.” Canadian Journal of Urban Research 11, no. 1 (2002)
Buyers, Jane Between the Acts - sculpture
Cooper, Andrew F.
English, John
Enhancing Global Governance: Towards a New Diplomacy?
Downey, James
Claxton, Lois
Inno’va-tion: Essays by Leading Canadian Researchers
Dube, Pierre Nouvelle bibliographie refondue et augmentee de la critique sur Francois-René de Chateaubriand (1801-1999)
Eagles, Paul Tourism in National Parks and Protected Areas: Planning and Management
Eagles, Paul Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas: Guidelines for Planning and Management
Eagles, Paul
Nelson, Gordon
Managing Protected Areas in a Changing World
English, John
McLaughlin, Kenneth
Mackenzie King: Citizenship and Community
Ewert, Lowell Local Ownership, Global Change: Will Civil Society Save the World?
Fast, Larissa "Is It Safe? Lessons from the Humanitarian Aid Community." In A Handbook of International Peace Building: Into the Eye of the Storm, 115-123
Fogel, Stan Changing Identities: Reading and Writing Ourselves
Fournier, Hannah
Beaulieu, Jean-Philippe
Les Advis, ou, les Presens de la Demoiselle de Gournay: 1641
Friends of the Library Ten Talks: Celebrating the Creative Process
Harrigan, Patrick
Grew, Raymond
L’école primaire en France au 19e siècle: essai d ’histoire quantitative
Higgins, Michael W.
Letson, Douglas R
Power and Peril: The Catholic Church at the Crossroads
Jakobsh, Doris R. Relocating Gender in Sikh History: Transformation, Meaning and Identity
Johannesen, S. K.
Illustr. by Virgil Burnett
Sister Patsy
Johnson, Laura C. The Co-Workplace: Teleworking in the Neighbourhood
Kapur, Ashok Regional Security Structures in Asia
Lawson, Kate The Marked Body: Domestic Violence in Mid- Nineteenth-Century Literature
Linsley, Robert Studio Alert - exhibit
McCarville, Ron Improving Leisure Services through Marketing Action
McCormack, Eric The Dutch Wife
McGee, Ted
Magnusson, Lynne
The Elizabethan Theatre XV
McGill, Stuart Low Back Disorders: Evidence-Based Prevention and Rehabilitation
McLaughlin, Kenneth
Stortz, Gerald
Wahl, James
Enthusiasm for the Truth: An Illustrated History of St. Jerome’s University
Miller, Judith “Deconstructing Silence: The Mystery of Alice Munro”The Antigonish Review 29: 43-52 (Spring 2002)
Mitchinson, Wendy Giving Birth in Canada, 1900-1950
Orend, Brian Human Rights: Concept and Context
Russell, Delbert La Vye de seynt Fraunceys

Russell, Peter
Illustr. by Roger Fernandes

Wally and Deanna’s Quartz Crystal Adventure
Ryman, Rhonda The Progressions of Classical Ballet Technique
Sillato, María del Carmen Juan Gelman: las estrategias de la otredad: Heteronimia, Intertextualidad, Traducción
Socken, Paul The French They Never Taught You: Tips for Teachers and Advanced Students
Yoder Neufeld, Thomas R. Ephesians
Zweers, Alexander Boenin: Verzamelde Werken
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