Former PDFs and graduate students

PDFs and Research Associates (RA) Year Current Position
Heng Zhang 2017-2018  
Mohammad Mashagbeh 2018 Assistant Professor, University of Jordan
Payman Dordizadeh Basirabad (RA) 2017  
Heng Zhang 2015-2016  
Moein Mehrtash (RA) 2013-2014 Assistant Professor, McMaster University
Ph.D. Student Year Thesis Current Position
Hassan Askari 2014-2019 Towards Intelligent Tire and Self-Powered Sensing Systems PDF at UWaterloo
Yuze Huang  2014-2019 Additive Manufacturing Processes and an Associated Magnetic Focusing Module PDF at UCL
Thamir Al-Dulaimi 2013-2018 Analysis and Design of a Stationary Magnetic Abrasive Finishing System Assistant Professor
Mohammad Mashagbeh 2014-2018 Magnetically Actuated Finger Micromanipulator Assistant Professor
Xiaodong Zhang 2013-2017 Cooperative Manipulation Using a Magnetically Navigated Microrobot and a Manipulator PDF at UWaterloo
Ehsan Asadi 2013-2017 Hybrid Electromagnetic Vibration Isolation Systems Engineer at GM
Ahmet Okyay 2012-2016 Mechatronic Design, Dynamics, Controls, and Metrology of Long-Stroke Linear Nano-Positioner Engineer at ASML
Moein Mehrtash 2009-2013 Bilateral Macro-Micro Teleporation using a Magnetic Actuation System Assistant Professor
Babak Ebrahimi 2006-2009 Development of Hybrid Electromagnetic Dampers for Vehicle Suspension Systems Staff Engineer at J&J
Ehsan Shameli 2004-2008 Design, Implementation, and Control of a Magnetic Levitation Device Engineer at J&J
Caglar Elbuken 2004-2008 Magnetic Levitation of Polymeric Photo-thermal Microgrippers Assistant Professor
Master's Student Year  Current Position
Nima Zamani 2017 Director, Smarter Alloys Inc.
Mohammad Mashagbeh 2014 Assistant Professor, University of Jordan
Roberto Ribeiro  2014 Systems Engineer at Apple
Pratik Patel 2013 Engineer at Ford
Sepideh Afshar 2012 PDF at Harvard University
Saman Hosseini  2010 Head of Sales, Siemens
Roozbeh Borjian 2008 Senior Engineer at J&J
David Craig  2006 SNC-Lavalin
Tom Gillespie 2006