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Management Sciences Alumni

We are always happy to hear from our alumni and interested in all their achievements and milestones. We look forward to all our graduates keeping in touch with us and their fellow alumni. 

If you have an event, announcement or achievement that you would like to share please contact Kimberly Dunne

The Waterloo Office of Alumni Affairs provides many services to alumni, including

  • Career Services
  • Alumni discounts, career advising, UW merchandise
  • Alumni publications
  • Events

The Faculty of Engineering is renowned for their alumni achievements and incredible support.

If you would like to reconnect with your classmates, or other alumni from the department of Management Sciences we encourage you to register for the Management Sciences Alumni Network. By signing up you will be added to an email list that will be sent out announcements and invitations to events and get-togethers. 

Currently the Management Sciences Alumni Network is coordinated by MASc alumnus Jeff Leung


photo courtesy of Jimmy Jeong for the Globe and Mail Management Engineering alum, Ari Paunonen and his partner Mike Darlington talk about their music label Monstercat and how it's shaping the music industry for tomorrow.

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Some Advanced Analytics for Common Business Issues

MMSC Alumni Mike RakanovicMMSC Alumni Mike Rakanovic's article re-posted by permission:

Some Advanced Analytics for Common Business Issues [edit: url removed until change confirmed]

Irish Times story features Management Science PhD alumni

Joe Naoum-Sawaya, a Management Sciences PhD graduate, working as a research scientist at Dublin's IBM talks about the work he's doing on data gathering and information systems using the technology already established in people's cars. 

Read more about Joe's work in the story: IBM aims to utilise parked cars as a service delivery platform

MSSA hosts Management Sciences Alumni Guest Speaker

Jeff Leung speaks to MSSAManagement Sciences Alum, Jeff Leung, came to campus on Thursday to speak of his experiences since graduating Management Sciences.

The event was organized by the Management Sciences Student Association (MSSA).

Jeff also spoke of the organization of the Management Sciences Alumni Group he is currently working with.

With the intention of connecting current and future alumni from Management Sciences, for career, research and business opportunities Jeff and his group will be organizing and hosting their own events.

If you are a current alumni of Management Sciences and would like to learn more about this opportunity contact Jeff Leung.

Jeff Leung: Management Science MASc Graduate

Alumni, Jeff LeungJeff is an MASc graduate from Management Sciences who has been in communication with the department regarding development of a cohesive alumni group. 

I was very happy to discuss with him some options, and we decided a good place to begin would be to encourage all Management Sciences graduates and alumni to join the Management Sciences MSSA (Student Association) Facebook group. 

You can also contact him directly for alumni events and updates. Any future updates and information on this group will be made available here.

Tottenham Hotspur media  image

Go Tottenham!

I asked Jeff for some personal notes he thought his classmates might enjoy, he said: 

Big soccer fan, favourite team is Tottenham Hotspur from London, UK.
Jeff Leung is currently working with Environmental Compliance at Walmart Canada, we're very proud of Jeff as he moves forward in his career and bright future. 
With an undergraduate degree in Math from Waterloo, Jeff found a good connection to fit his background and desired research. Working with Professor Bon Koo, Jeff completed his thesis and graduated in 2009. 

What Jeff has to say about Management Sciences; 

Management Sciences is a great Master degree, it is like a bridge that connects my academic knowledge in Math to the industry, and it helped me getting my Supply Chain position at Walmart, which is known for its Supply Chain system.  After a couple years, I found my passion in Environment and Sustainability and pursued my career in the Environmental field, then I realized that many skills I obtained from Management Sciences are transferable, such as database management and data analysis, which makes me a more valuable asset to the team and the company.  I even know some management at my workplace prefer to hire people from Management Sciences!
Jeff Leung 2009 MASc graduate Environment Compliance, Walmart Canada

Andrew Maxwell: Management Science PhD at TED xUW

Management Engineering Alumni At Deloitte

Mohammed Ahmer Rafiq, Alex Dueck, Andrea Qin, Yousif Al-Khder & Jay Chen

Pictured here from left to right: Mohammed Ahmer Rafiq, Alex Dueck, Andrea, Ahmer, Yousif Al-Khder and Jay Chen; five 2012 Management Engineering alumni who have successfully completed the Introductory Business Technology Analysts (BTA) School for new analysts at Deloitte.

The purpose of Deloitte's Business Technology Analysts (BTA) school is to familiarize analysts with core consulting skills, learning attributes and core values that distinguish Deloitte in the marketplace.

The week was comprised of various learning sessions, guest speakers, networking events and a team case study  presentation that ran throughout the program.  - Alex Dueck