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Future Undergraduate Students

Management Engineering: Analytics and Engineering for Optimized Performance

Waterloo's innovative management engineering program provides undergraduate students with an engineering education required to understand, design, implement, and manage complex management systems upon which organisations depend.

Management engineers use industrial engineering principles, math, and computer programming to optimise and improve processes in any organisation. By graduation, students have gained a strong background in data analytics, information systems, operations and supply chain management, and organisational behaviour that can take them just about anywhere, from software to finance, supply chain, logistics, health care, and more.

Would you like a program that:

  • combines the analytical horsepower of an engineering degree, with business skills for today's technology-based organisations?
  • combines the ability to think technically with the flexibility to see a global view of a situation?
  • enables you to obtain an engineering degree that has the core management topics built into it?
  • widens your career options towards opportunities for managerial positions?

Do you like to: 

  • solve problems?
  • help people?
  • improve work environments?
  • gather information? 
  • learn new ways to apply developing technology?

Then management engineering may be right for you! 


Student Spotlight:

We asked Management Engineering student, Jordan Grant, to help us celebrate our undergraduate program's 10th anniversary:

Did you know?


The Engineering Quiz you may have taken to get to this page was designed by some of our 3rd year students.