Do you allow a certain course to count toward the MSCI option if it is being counted toward another option or do I have to have a unique set of courses for each one?

Any given course can only be counted for two credentials. Please see the undergraduate calendar, counting of courses. If you have further questions about this, please contact your department undergraduate advisor.

There is a time conflict between the MSCI course and another course I need to take. Can the option coordinator sign an override form?

The signing of an override form is done by the faculty member teaching the course in conflict.

I would like to officially register for the MSCI option, where do I submit my plan modification form?

Please submit your plan modification form to your home department. It is up to your home department to approve your registration request.

In the University of Waterloo Undergraduate Calendar, option in Management Sciences, a number of electives are offered but they sometimes do not get scheduled. How can I find out which courses will be offered so that I can plan better?

In order to be certain that you will be able to satisfy your option requirements, it is not wise to leave the electives for your last two terms. While we often know what will be taught in the upcoming two terms, this will sometimes change, and so cannot be counted on.

Should I make an appointment to see the option coordinator early in my studies?

That is not required, as the full listing of eligible courses can be found at option in Management Sciences at the UW undergraduate calendar. You need only to officially register for the MSCI option in your program plan and identify the MSCI option on the "Intent to Graduate" form in the 4B term, in order to receive the designation on your transcript at graduation.

Can the option coordinator give me more information than is in the calendar about a course that I am considering?

The best way to find out about a course is to contact the instructor who is teaching the course directly.

Do I need to be an engineering student to get an MSCI option?


Can I take courses outside of Management Sciences that will count toward the option?

Yes. There is a list of equivalent courses on the option in Management Sciences page of the Waterloo undergraduate calendar. You can also ask the option coordinator if a specific course either in another department (such as economics or math) or at another university can count toward the option.

What happens if I want to take both MSCI 211 and MSCI 311? How will they count?

If you read the policy of the MSCI option, it says that if a student chooses to take both MSCI 211 and MSCI 311, one will count toward the required courses and the other toward the elective courses.

Will I need to take extra terms in order to complete the option?

You should be able to complete your option in eight terms. If you are concerned about this, talk to your undergraduate advisor to help you in planning.

Can I take graduate level courses in Management Sciences to count toward the option?

The general answer is no, since these classes are reserved for our graduate students and are often times similar to the undergraduate version of the classes (e.g. 211 and 605; 603 and 331).

Where can I find out more about MSCI options in general?

You can find more information on our Management Sciences option page, and we also suggest you read through option in Management Sciences page of the Waterloo undergraduate calendar.