Dementia-Friendly Resources for First Responders

About the Initiative

With this initiative, we are focusing on building capacities and developing partnerships with search and rescue personnel, first responders, and communities to manage risks of going missing among persons living with dementia. Our project will include partners in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Nova Scotia and two Indigenous communities (Manitoba, Quebec) for a total of seven provinces. 

We are creating prevention and safety-focused paper and digital resources for First Responders that will: 

  1. assist in preventing a missing incident  
  2. provide guidance for search strategies, specific to a person living with dementia 
  3. encourage follow up after the missing incident to prevent repeat incidents 

Resources will be available in English, French and relevant Indigenous language(s) for community organizations, persons living with dementia, care partners, facilities, and health service providers.

Target groups for our project include:

  • Search and Rescue (SAR) personnel 
  • First Responders: police in municipal, provincial, and federal law enforcement agencies, fire departments, paramedics 
  • Staff of community organizations who work with people living with dementia.