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Holy women: nine verse saints’ lives

by Nicole Bozon (Laurie Postlewate, Barnard College)

A new electronic edition of a group of nine short verse lives by Nicole Bozon, extant in only one manuscript, London BL Cotton Domitian A.XI.

Medieval writingThese nine lives are a complement to the three verse lives by Bozon (SS. Elizabeth of Hungary, Paul, and Panuce) found in the early 14th-century quire (ff. 1-8) which was added to the late 13th-century Campsey collection of rhymed saints’ lives (London BL Addit. 70513). Of the eleven saints lives by Bozon, only the life of Elizabeth of Hungary is found in both manuscripts. The Cotton Domitian A.XI series includes the lives of SS. Lucie; Marie-Madeleine; Marguerite; Marthe; Elizabeth; Cristine; Juliane; Agneys; Agate.

This electronic edition will make all of the Bozon lives accessible to readers. Earlier print editions of these lives exist, but there is no edition which contains all of them. The Bozon lives will also be made available in English translation, in a forthcoming volume (with Delbert Russell) for the “French of England in Translation” series, part of the Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies published by Arizona State University Press.