As a MPS student, you can now add the new Graduate Diploma in Computational Data Analytics for the Social Sciences and Humanities (CDASH) to your degree.  With this diploma, you'll be able to further strengthen your data analysis skills allowing you to tell richer stories with data. With more and more MPSers finding data science positions, there's already a noted significant demand in the public service. You only need to take three extra courses to obtain this diploma, and, if you take the extra courses during your academic terms, then these courses are included in your tuition. 

Sample courses that are students have taken so far include: Hist 640 - Digital History; INTEG 640 - Computational Social Science; and Psych 804 - Multi-Level Modeling Applications in Psychology.

What MPS students are saying about CDASH?

"I think it is an asset that makes you stand out as an applicant and, as we move forward into a digitized workforce, almost necessary." - Mark, Class of 2022

"The MPS Research Methods and Data Analysis taught me the principles and practices of effective data collection through statistical analysis. It gave me the foundational knowledge to pursue the Graduate Diploma in CDASH. The diploma offers students the opportunity to build on this prior knowledge and further expand their data analytics from a multidisciplinary lens." - Kuda, Class of 2021

"Although challenging at first and inherently different from the type of research-based work I was used to, coding in the MPS Statistics course turned out to be a very rewarding endeavor that changed the way I perceived the manipulation and interpretation of data. Statistics quickly became one of the most interesting courses to me. CDASH provided me with an amazing opportunity to further hone these skills and make the most out of both my desire to learn new things and what the MPS program had to offer me." - Aalina, Class of 2022 

"I entered the MPS program with very few technical skills in my repertoire. A majority of my undergraduate experience revolved around qualitative research, and although the MPS program supplied me with the foundation required for data analysis, I knew that I would benefit from additional courses focused on the topic." - Sarah, Class of 2021

"I am grateful to have the opportunity to further pursue computational analytics thanks to CDASH. I look forward to refining my skills so they may one day be applied in service of benefitting the federal or provincial public service." - Angelo, Class of 2022