How will my "last-two-years'" average be calculated?

For MPS applicants who are currently completing their 4th year of the Honours Bachelor’s degree, the transcripts received with your application will likely reflect your marks up to December. Waterloo Graduate Admissions will count back 20 courses (or the most recent two years of full-time coursework) to determine if your last-two-year average meets the MPS requirement (minimum 75%). If you are offered a place in the program, it is conditional upon maintaining (or improving) that calculated GPA in your final term. It is very rare that students accepted into a program do not meet their final grade conditions.

Do I need French language skills in order to be accepted into the program?

French proficiency is not a requirement for enrolling in the MPS program. However, some federal public servant positions do require candidates to be bilingual. The MPS program includes an optional course for students to strengthen your French language skills.

Can international students apply to the MPS program?

Yes, we do consider international applicants, but it’s important that you understand the program content is specifically focused on Canadian systems and functions of government. Furthermore, it is very challenging for international students to get a government co-operative education position and it is not possible to obtain a MPS Co-operative Education degree without this experience. In addition, note that some jobs in government (including co-operative education jobs) require excellent communication skills in one of Canada's official languages, English and French.

Considering that there are two MPS courses in finance, do I have to have strong mathematics skills?

No, you do not need to provide evidence of advanced math skills. Like all the MPS courses, the two finance courses are designed for students with different levels of knowledge and experience, and will focus on familiarizing students with real-world accounting and economic analysis practices rather than emphasizing mathematics.