FAQs - Tuition and financing

What is the approximate tuition? 

The Master of Public Service program is designated a professional graduate degree. Students can expect to pay approximately $22,500 for the 20-month, full-time program, plus co-operative education fees ($676 per co-op term). Please review the current fee schedule on uWaterloo's Finance website for the exact amount. Professional programs such as MPS do not offer internal (uWaterloo) funding in the form of scholarships or teaching or research assistantships. The university does offer full-time bursaries for eligible students. 

Why is the tuition higher than other masters programs?

Similar to Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs, the MPS program provides professional graduate training focused on developing the specific skills and knowledge needed for career advancement. While the MPS tuition is approximately $700 more per term than "research-based" graduate programs at Waterloo, in comparison with the fees charged by other professional graduate programs offered in Canada, MPS tuition is relatively modest.

What is my earning potential while on co-operative education terms?

During the 20-month program, MPS students will be able to offset tuition fees with earnings from their 8-month co-operative education work term. The average income for the 8-month period is $24,000 ($12,000 per term). 

Could I get a teaching assistant or resident advisor job while completing the MPS program?

No. The reason for this is that MPS is defined as a "course-based" or professional program rather than a research-based program (a regular MA for example). Professional programs do not offer funding in the form of scholarships or assistantships.

Where can I find out more about financial support? 

Student Awards and Financial Aid - MPS incoming students can apply for a Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) loan, and also for a uWaterloo Full-Time Bursary assistance when an OSAP loan is not sufficient. Please note: a typical OSAP application will normally take 6 weeks to process; an application which may require special consideration could take 8 to 10 weeks to process. Please check the OSAP and Waterloo Full-time Bursary pages of the Student Awards and Financial Aid website for more information.