MPS Grand Opening Ceremony

Monday, November 27, 2017

Group Photo of Students, Staff, Faculty, and Steve Orsini at MPS Opening Ceremony

On Thursday November 24th, the Master of Public Service (MPS) program held a grand opening ceremony to commemorate its new home on campus in East Campus 5.  Honourable guest and Secretary of the Cabinet, and Head of the Ontario Public Service Steve Orsini was present to celebrate the move.  Other important attendees included, Director of the MPS program and Professor of Economics Anindya Sen, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies for the Faculty of Arts Linda Warley, and Vice-President of University Relations Sandra Banks. 

After the official cutting of the ribbon, Secretary Orsini discussed current global issues that are impacting the world and how MPS students can positively affect change as successful public servants. Having gone through the co-op experience himself, Orsini highlighted the crucial real-world experience they will accumulate through the MPS program and how invaluable it is. 

A reception and Q & A session followed the Secretary's presentation, where MPS students had an opportunity to pose questions about the Ontario Public Service related to innovative ideas the government is using to address global issues, and advice about securing employment during and after the co-op process.  

The ceremony was a big success as students, faculty, staff, and government leaders celebrated the mandate and vision of the MPS program and how it fosters dedicated and talented community leaders and public servants.  

Click here to hear more of what Secretary Orsini had to say about the Master of Public Service program! 

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