Internship Portfolio and Presentation

The PACS 625 Internship course is worth 1.0 units, equivalent to two regular graduate-level courses. The academic work aligns with the course value and expectations. Each intern will construct a portfolio with the guidance, discussion and feedback of their Faculty Advisor. These guidelines are intended to provide support to the intern and Faculty Advisor as you conceptualize this internship portfolio together. The first activity of your internship should be to arrange a meeting with your Faculty Advisor to discuss plans for your internship in more detail.

To fulfill PACS 625 academic requirements, most students will complete a six-part Internship Portfolio and share their most essential insights with peers during a final presentation. Each component is described below.

  • Reflective Journal – 40%
  • Research Project – 50%
  • Overall Performance – 10% (The overall performance of the internship will include consideration on the completion, performance and quality of the course requirements and milestones. This is inclusive of but not limited to the feedback that is provided by the local mentor, the quality of the presentation, the quality of the proposal, and correspondence with your Faculty Advisor.)