Full-time option:

 Full-time students will normally complete the program over a four-term period, enrolling in three courses for the first two terms and two courses in the last two terms. A regular term at the University of Waterloo is four months long, so full-time students can expect to complete the program in 16-months.

Full-time students are those who enroll in 1.0 unit or more (two or more course equivalents) per term.

Students will be admitted only in the Fall term of a given year (starting in September), and be expected to complete their studies at the end of the Fall term in the subsequent year (at the end of December).

Term 1: students enroll in 3 courses, including at least 2 core courses.

Term 2: students enroll in 3 courses, including at least 2 core courses.

Term 3: students enroll in 2 courses and students who choose the internship option will normally complete it during this time (as the equivalent of two courses). Internships must be for a minimum of 3 months.

Term 4: students enroll in 2 courses and research colloquium (students must orally present a major paper they have written, receive peer review, and respond to questions and critique).

Part-time option:

A limited number of students will be admitted to the program on a part-time basis. Part-time students must also complete 5.0 units in order to graduate. Part-time students are expected to complete at least two courses per academic year, and have five years to complete the program from the date of their initial enrolment.

Part-time students are those who complete less than 1.0 units (less than two course equivalents) per term.