About Mathematics 3 (M3)

The four-story Mathematics 3 building is home to the Mathematics Business and Accounting Programs and the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science.

Mathematics 3 building.

M3 from June 2011 after it was built.

  • The new building provides 90,000 gross square feet of research and teaching space. Its office space will accommodate a total of 134 faculty members, graduate students, staff and student clubs.
  • The ground floor features a 392-seat lecture theatre and spaces for both group and quiet study.
  • An atrium brings natural light to all four floors.

“We are grateful for the federal and provincial government funding we've received in support of this new facility," said Thomas Coleman, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics as the building was planned. “Our focus is on the impact of mathematics and computational methodologies to solve real-world problems. This additional space will enable us to expand our research and academic programs in response to the needs of society.”

The Mathematics 3 is required to support developing advanced technologies as well as training highly-qualified personnel to transfer new discoveries into Canadian industry. The M3 building has dedicated space for doctoral students, as well as masters students in both research and professional programs.

Canada and Ontario's innovation strategies depend on each of these areas to create the advances we need for our competitiveness and productivity. New laboratories and offices for researchers and graduate students will build on industry relationships and increase graduate training capacity to create technology exploited in Canada. Waterloo's entrepreneurial environment will foster exploitation of the results through collaborations with existing companies and new spin-offs.

Tours are available upon request.

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M3 opening ceremony video