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Special information for fall 2017 applicants

Due to the popularity of our Math/Business and Accounting programs, many exceptionally strong applicants were not offered admission to their program of choice. Instead, students may have received an alternate offer of admission. (Please visit the program pages on the website for more information on each of these programs). If you did not receive an offer to any program in the Faculty of Mathematics and you believe your application should be reconsidered, please contact the Registrar's Office directly.

Prior to making any decision regarding your admission offer, we urge you to review the following information, organized by the program of choice. Although opportunities may exist to transfer between programs after you begin your studies in the Math Faculty, we strongly recommend that you accept an offer to a program only if you feel you can be happy with remaining in that program for the duration of your studies.

Math/Chartered Professional Accountancy Applicants

You may have been offered admission to either Business and Mathematics Double Degree, Mathematics/Financial Analysis and Risk Management (FARM), Math/Business Administration (Math/Bus) or Mathematics. If you are committed to pursuing only the Chartered Professional Accounting designation as a career path, please note that other than the Double Degree program, none of these other programs are particularly well suited for this purpose. However, students can complete all the required courses for the Chartered Professional Accounting designation through the Double Degree program, and many past Double Degree students have been quite successful completing the Chartered Professional Accounting program.

Also note that, unfortunately, there is no possibility of transferring into the Math/Chartered Professional Accountancy (Math/CPA) program for second year. If you are interested in careers in finance and professional designations such as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or Professional Risk Manager (PRM), then the Math/Financial Analysis and Risk Management program (FARM) will likely be of great interest to you. Please see the information below regarding transferring into FARM or Math/Bus from other programs after year 1, should you wish to consider these possibilities.

Business Administration and Mathematics Double Degree and Business Administration and Computer Science Double Degree Applicants

You may have been offered admission to Math/Business Administration (Math/Bus), Honours Mathematics or Honours Computer Science. Please note that it is possible to transfer into Double Degree, Math/Bus, FARM, Information Technology Management (ITM) or Mathematical Economics for year 2 provided you take the correct courses in first year, and provided you meet the average requirements. Typlically, students with an 80% average will be able to transfer into either Double Degree program; a 75% average to transfer into the FARM program; and a 65% average to transfer into any of the remaining programs.

Mathematics/Financial Analysis and Risk Management Applicants

You may have been offered admission to Math/Business Administration (Math/Bus) or Mathematics. It is possible to transfer to the FARM program from either of these programs if you take the correct courses in first year, and if you achieve a minimum average of 75%. Please note that if you have a broad interest in finance careers, you can consider Mathematical Economics which can be tailored towards many interesting careers as well as graduate school.

Math/Business Administration Applicants

You may have been offered admission to the Mathematics program. The program leads to majors in the departmental plans including Actuarial Science, Pure Math, Applied Math, C&O and Statistics among others. For additional information on this admission category, please go to the main Math Faculty web page. If you take the correct courses in first year and achieve an overall average of 65%, you may apply to transfer into the Math/Bus program. Admission is usually automatic. Well over half of the first year class in the Math program should achieve this standard. Additionally, you may consider transferring into Math Economics or Information Technology Management (ITM) in second year.

Co-op vs. Regular

Students who applied to a co-op program but were offered Regular, may apply to transfer to a co-op program after year 1. Please note that admissions to co-op is extremely competitive. For information on this, please see the following website.