Math/Financial Analysis and Risk Management Program Advisor

Dr. Arash Soleimani DahajArash Soleimani Dahaj has a BSc in Mathematics and holds two master's degrees, one in Mathematics (Quantitative Finance) and one in Business Administration (Entrepreneurship), and obtained his PhD degree in Management Sciences from University of Waterloo. Arash also has completed Certificate in University Teaching (CUT) degree from Centre for Teaching Excellence at University of Waterloo.

Prior to joining Mathematics and Business, Arash was a lecturer at departments of Management Sciences and Economics at University of Waterloo. For the first time in these departments, Arash completely restructured Finance and Analytics courses to incorporate a laboratory-oriented approach using Excel, R, and Python, and also organized the Multimedia Classrooms for use with the lectures and exams.

Arash mainly teaches Finance, Artificial Intelligence, and Analytics courses including:

  • Introduction to Investments (ACTSC 371)
  • Introduction to Financial Mathematics (ACTSC 221)
  • Introductory Statistics and Sampling (STAT 211)

Selected publications

  • Soleimani Dahaj, A., Cozzarin, B.P. (2019). Government venture capital and cross-border investment. Global Finance Journal, 41, 113-127.
    • Presented at USASBE, San Dieg, 2016. (Recipient of best paper award in Entrepreneurial Finance)
    • Presented at Academy f Management, Anaheim, California, 2016
  • Soleimani Dahaj, A., Cozzarin, B. P, Talebi, K. (2018) Revisiting the Canadian public policy towards venture capital: Crowding-out or displacement, Science and Public Policy, Volume 45, Issue 5, 719–730
  • Campolieti, G., Makarov, R. N., & Soleimani Dahaj, A. (2015). Time Series Analysis and Calibration to Option Data: A Study of Various Asset Pricing Models. Interdisciplinary Topics in Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Computational Science: 121–126. Springer International Publishing.
University of Waterloo

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