How to claim funding

Please note that MEF will not reimburse any expenses in which a donation tax receipt is issued.

Before filling out the appropriate paperwork; read over the How to Claim Funding Documentation (pdf) to determine the type of funding, how to fill out the appropriate documentation, and the documentation needed with the claim.  An FAQ can be found at the end of this document.

There are different ways to claim your funding based on what was spent, and who the purchaser is. 

Individuals and Feds clubs

If an individual made the purchase, please submit an Expense Claim Form  (xlsx) with individual documentation showing:

  • what was purchased,
  • who purchased it and how, and
  • that the purchase was used as required.

For more details on this, see the university document on original receipts.

The same process is used for Feds clubs.

Societies and society clubs

If you are an external organization that is under a student society (like the Mathematics Society, Science Society, Engineering Society, etc) contact your respective reimbursement manager (in societies this will likely be the vice president). The reimbursements manager will coordinate making the expenditure, and after the expenditure has occurred can invoice the Math Endowment Fund to claim funding. 

University departments

If the organization making the purchase is internal to the university, contact the Math Faculty Finance Officer to determine the best way to receive funding. 

External organizations

For corporations that are audited, simply submit an invoice showing what was spent to claim the reimbursement. 

Otherwise, please submit an individual reimbursement claim for the purchaser of any expenses. 

Large Expenditures

Large expenditures can be made through the University. Please contact  the executive director to organize the expenditure.

Expense Claim Form(xlsx) 

How to Claim Funding Documentation  (pdf)

Contact the executive director with any questions.