How to receive a refund

The Math Endowment Fund appreciates all of the donations we receive, but if you require a refund for your contribution to the Fund you are entitled to claim one in the first three weeks of the term.

But before you decide that you want to request a refund on your MEF contribution, check out past projects that MEF has funded! Without student contributions, none of these projects could have happened.

Past Projects Funded by MEF

  • Math Orientation
  • MC 3rd Floor Lockers
  • 1st Edition of the Math 136/235 Course Notes
  • Improvements to the Math Coffee and Donut Shop + Comfy Lounge
  • The Loop Table in MC Comfy

We're also student-run! The executive director is a math student (chosen by math students) and the Board of Directors is almost all students! Additionally, Funding Council is comprised of students who have been nominated by math students like you!

The Math Endowment Fund is here to improve the undergraduate math community at the University of Waterloo.

The refund request period for the Fall 2018 term begins on September 6 and ends on September 26 (at midnight). You can claim your refund using the University of Waterloo's endowment fund refund form.