Building power outage August 2018

We have received notification from Plant Operations that there will be building shutdowns to upgrade the power to MC, DC, and M3.

The building shutdown dates will be the following:

M3 – Thursday, August 16 (1 day)

DC – Saturday, August 25 (1 day)

MC – Tuesday, August 21 to Wednesday, August 29 (9 days)

Note that in addition to this there will be a shutdown of the North campus loop for 8hrs.

This will effect C2, DC, MC, GSC, COM, M3, CSB, ERC, BMH, AHS, PAC, UC, SLC, HS, OPT, FED, V1, TH, MKV, REV, QNC.

The date is the night of August 29th 7:00pm to 3:00am

During any of the shutdown dates, there will be no access to any of the closed buildings, as it is a safety concern. Therefore, please arrange to take anything that you might need with you prior to the shutdown of your specific building. 

In addition, due to the length of the shutdown of MC, M3 1006 will be available as a work space for anyone within the Faculty of Mathematics to use during the MC closure. Any individual that will need access to Math computing resources during the MC closure should bookmark and periodically visit the MFCF site for information and updates about computing facilities, including the location of the MFCF Help Centre, relevant contact info, VPN training, server statuses, etc., at:

If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to myself or to your department/school.

In addition, the Safety Office has asked us to send the following information about laboratories.

For the entirety of the scheduled building shutdown, all researchers must prepare their laboratories by doing the following:

·        Shut down all laboratory processes.

·        Remove hazardous waste from the lab for disposal at the Environmental Safety Facility (ESF) - For more information call x35755.

·        Store hazardous materials properly and in containment areas and ensure that containers are closed or sealed.

·        Ensure that fume hoods are vacant of all hazardous materials, and apparatus/equipment containing hazardous materials.

·        Ensure that all refrigerators and freezers are empty or special arrangements have been made with Plant Operations for backup power.

·        Shut off compressed gases and gas supply lines to equipment.

·        Turn off and unplug, where possible, electrical equipment (e.g. hot plates, computers, analytical equipment, environmental chambers). This prevents damage to equipment when power is restored.

·        Ensure lab contact information is updated with names, phone numbers and addresses in a location accessible to emergency response personnel (e.g. inside of door), and provide emergency contact information to UW Police via email (  

·        If you have any questions about preparing your lab for shutdown contact the Safety Office at x35755.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.