Lab policies


Computing labs may be booked for academic purposes by anyone in the Faculty of Mathematics and by others (again for academic purposes only) upon approval of the Associate Dean, Computing.


Computational labs are shared resources intended for academic use. The Math Faculty Computing Facility (MFCF) usage policy on shared resources therefore applies.

  • Violations can have immediate consequences. For example:
    • Anyone found with food or an unsealed drink container in a computing lab will have their account suspended immediately for at least 24 hours. After 24 hours the account may be enabled again at the MFCF Help Centre during normal business hours.
    • If a lab is excessively messy, everyone will be asked to leave the lab and the doors will be locked for up to 24 hours (excluding scheduled labs). Labs may be regularly locked overnight (from 1900-0800) if the problem persists.
  • Access: except for scheduled labs and subject to no one person or group monopolizing access, all access is first come first served. Access cannot be reserved and any resource that is vacant for 15 minutes can be accessed by another (e.g. by signing an absent user out from a vacant machine).

University of Waterloo computing rules

UWaterloo policies relevant to computing resources and information


Buying hardware/software: