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Resources for

Information on Information Technology (IT) and related resources has been categorized by use and/or user.  

For example:

  • a staff member might not only be interested in the "Resources for Staff", but might also refer to "Resources for Graduate Students".
  • a faculty member would be interested in resources for "Resources for Faculty" and also "Resources for Instructors", depending on their role at the time.

The following is a common breakdown of resources (with tailored contents):

  • Accounts - your University of Waterloo computer account as well as what systems it accesses.
  • Communications - email, file transfer, webpages, off-campus access, social media, etc.
  • Computing - Faculty provided computational resources, data/file storage, operating systems.
  • Software - relevant, ​available, and/or installed software, UWaterloo licensed software.
  • Network - connections (wireless, off-campus, etc.), public locations with access.
  • Printing - how and where to print.
  • Services - as provided by Math Faculty Computing Facility (MFCF) staff, not machines.