Services for Current undergraduate students


Information on the standard graduate and undergraduate student computing accounts


Interactive documents with live code
MFCF computer labs in the Mathematics & Computing Building (MC)
Creating a personal website
MFCF Linux servers for teaching used by undergraduate students and graduate students
MFCF Windows servers for undergraduate students


Accessing ethernet connections for your laptop on campus
Accessing the wireless network on campus
Articles on accessing MFCF resources from home


MFCF printing services for undergraduate students


MFCF provided mathematical, productivity and programming software on managed machines and servers for undergraduate students.

Service catalogue

MFCF Help is the customer contact for computing support from MFCF
Storage is provided for home folders and departmental network drives depending on the intended use for teaching, research, or administration
MFCF provides full lifecycle support of teaching labs
The teaching environment includes the service of providing Linux computing resources that can be accessed from multiple platforms
Windows remote desktop services (including remote application services) provides users access to Windows computing resources from multiple platforms