Windows Graphical Computing Workstation

What you need before using this service

Standard Faculty of Mathematics research account and resources. University virtual private network (VPN) for access from off campus.

You can request remote access and/or local access.  Remote access allows you to connect using Microsoft Remote Desktop just as you do to Local access allows you to log on to the system at the console in MC 3052.

What you get with this service

The system runs Windows Server 2016 to optimize multiuser access.

The following software is installed:

  • Standard common applications including Microsoft Office 2016
  • R
  • RStudio
  • Maple 2015
  • Matlab 2017a
  • Perl
  • XMing

How to use this service

For remote access, use Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection to connect to

For local access, arrange with MFCF to open room MC 3052 for you.

Aaron Coutino has created An Introduction to GPU Computing

When you can use this service

Remote access is available at all times.  Local access is available during regular MFCF hours.

Who can use this service:

  • Current graduate students
  • Visitors
  • Faculty
  • Staff

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