Dean's Message - December 2011

It was great to see photos of our faculty and students at the Dubai campus for the second anniversary dinner recently.

I also enjoyed seeing colleagues Don Cowan and Frank Tompa featured in this short video on “Waterloo, web search and the Oxford English Dictionary project.” An important milestone in the history of our Faculty!

I am pleased to pass along Stephen New’s announcement about this year’s Special K and Big E contests, held November 5. These are mathematics contests for 1st year undergraduate and upper year University of Waterloo students respectively.  Both contests consist of 6 problems, and full solutions are required.

Volodymyr Lyubinets placed first while Ahmad Abdi and Ian Charlesworth tied for second/third place in the Big E contest. The next few contestants were Matthew Harrison-Trainor, Kangning Chen, Frank Ban, Hao Sun, Guru Guruganesh, and Chen Fei Du.

Kaiyu Wu placed first while Sam Eisenstat and Pavlo Kytsmey tied for 2nd/3rd place in the Special K contest. The next contestant was Fan Huang.

In each contest, there is a 200 dollar prize for first place, and a 125 dollar prize for second and third place. Congratulations to all the winners!

Ian Goulden

Ian Goulden, Dean
Faculty of Mathematics
University of Waterloo