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Strategic Plan 2018

Developed through a broadly consultative and reflective process, the Faculty of Mathematics Strategic Plan articulates the Faculty’s priorities, provides a context for decision-making, and describes our path forward at a high level.

From the foundation provided by the Faculty mission, vision and values, the plan aims to move the Faculty forward in pursuit of its vision to be a world leader in mathematics, statistics, and computer science. The plan focuses on five key priorities:

  • People
  • Undergraduate Studies
  • Graduate Studies
  • Research, Creativity, and Innovation
  • Outreach

Built on the perspectives, insights, and advice of engaged stakeholders and trusted advisors, this plan positions the Faculty to overcome challenges and to seize opportunities in pursuit of our shared vision.

Process and Timelines

Strategic Planning Process Timeline

For more detailed information about the planning process, please contact Martha Foulds, Director of Planning.

Mathematics Strategic Planning Committee (MSPC)

Title Name Role
Dean of Mathematics Stephen M. Watt Chair

Vice Dean, Faculty of Mathematics

Kevin Hare Member

Associate Dean, Admissions and Outreach

Serge D'Alessio Member
Associate Dean, Computing Stephen Vavasis Member
Associate Dean, Cooperative Education Lori Case Member
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies Christiane Lemieux Member
Associate Dean, Research Raouf Boutaba Member
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies Francis Poulin Member
Chair, Applied Mathematics Siv Sivaloganathan Member
Chair, Combinatorics and Optimization Jochen Koenemann Member
Chair, Pure Mathematics Kathryn Hare Member
Acting Director, Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing J.P. Pretti Member
Director, Computational Mathematics Jeff Orchard Member
Director, David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science Mark Giesbrecht Member
Director, Mathematics, Business, and Accounting Programs Ilham Akhundov Member
Executive Officer Jack Rehder Member
Mathematics Teaching Fellow Brian Forrest Member
Director, Planning Martha Foulds Resource
Director, Advancement Candace Harrington Advisor
Director, Strategic Communications Jodi Szimanski Advisor
Faculty Financial Officer Udaya Wettasinghe Advisor

Past members (prior to September 1, 2017)

Title Name
Amy Aldous Former Director, Communications and Research Alliances
Barry Ferguson Former Associate Dean, Cooperative Education
Steve Furino Former Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies
Srinivasan Keshav Former Associate Dean, Graduate Studies
Marek Stastna Former Associate Dean, Computing
Ian VanderBrugh Former Director, Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (on sabbatical)
Ingrid Town Former Director, Advancement


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